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Rebuilding our lives...

By Fabian and Lorraine Lyssy

A year has gone by since the devastating flood. At times it seems like yesterday when our lives were quickly turned around. After working hard for 38 years to establish a home and family business, in just a few hours it is all gone. It is like a thief that comes at night and snatches everything away from you.

One cannot describe the loss of a home including furniture, appliances, clothing, pictures, and toys. Many of our possessions and cherished memories are gone and some can never be replaced. Along with our personal losses came farm losses: 200 round bales of hay, milo and corn stored in grain bins for feed, grain augers, welders, compressors, and all electrical farm tools.

We found ourselves lost with no place to go. Depressed, crushed, weary, and many sleepless nights we wanted to run away from it all, hoping it never happened. Our close friends provided us with a place to live while waiting for our new home to be built. Our strong faith in God sustained us through this difficult time and we were thankful no lives were lost.

With the help and support of our six children, their spouses, grandchildren, Rev. Edward Wanat, our dear friends, relatives, and neighbors, we have been given the strength and hope to put our lives back together again.

We have recently moved into our new home and are trying to adjust to starting over on our family farm. A generation of Lyssy family members lived here for over 80 years and it never flooded the homes. We are hoping it never happens again.

We would like to thank all who came and helped with cleaning up and also those who gave of their resources to help us in our time of need. May God bless each and every one of you and reward you a hundredfold.

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