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In memory of my grandmother,
Dorothy Malik Hons
Aug. 12, 1924 - Jan. 16, 2005
We'll miss you, Grandma.
I hop you enjoy the following video clips from December 2004
of Mark Hons, Cathy Green, Keith Kolodziej, and Kristen Weaver
singing Christmas carols to Grandma Hons.

Video Clip AVideo Clip BVideo Clip C


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Malik Family Tree: by Charles Macha (short version)

Newspaper Writeup of Theresa Malik's Tragic Death: 
by Hallettsville Herald, Feb. 21, 1901

The Bond of Love: handwritten in one of Meta Malik's photo albums

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Anton Malik
father of Joseph Malik

Joseph Malik
father of Dorothy, Bernice, and Alvin Malik

Dorothy Malik Hons
wife of Louis Hons; mother of Elaine, Robert, Ralph, David,
Nancy, Allen, Kirby, Cathy, and Mark.

Meta Jauer Malik & daughter, Dorothy Malik Hons

Dorothy Malik Hons

Dorothy Malik Hons

Louis & brother Alvin Hons

Dorothy Malik Hons

Dorothy Malik Hons

Parents of Louis Hons (left),
Louis & Dorothy Hons,
Meta & Joe Malik
(parents of Dorothy)

Dorothy Malik Hons
& husband Louis Hons

Dorothy, Robert, Elaine, & Louis Hons
at Joe & Meta Malik's home
in Hobson.

Elaine Dorothy Hons Kolodziej

Louis & Dorothy Hons
Christmas 1998

Elaine Dorothy Hons Kolodziej
in her "going away" outfit
for her wedding.