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The Maliks of Hobson, Texas

A moment in time . . . one perspective

by: Kristen J. Kolodziej


I decided to write this "term paper" in the spring of 1999 for one of my classes at UTSA. My professor warned us to choose a topic we would be able to spend a lot of time with since the "term paper" would be "our life" for the next three months. Of course, being rather family-oriented, I thought how nice it would be to spend those three months with my family, researching family history, but mostly listening to my grandparents tell me about my great grandparents, Joseph and Meta Malik.

My Great-Grandma Malik (I will refer to her as Grandma Malik) passed away in the summer of 1997. I was entering my third semester of college at UTSA when my Great-Aunt Bernice came into the newspaper (Wilson County News, Floresville, Texas) where I work to make copies of this tattered little notebook which Grandma Malik had recorded all of her recipes in.

When I saw the stained notebook, pages old and worn, I know I must have had a sparkle in my eye. I just could not pass up the opportunity to make Grandma Malik's recipe book into something that could be treasured by my family. Yes, I realized that copying it the old-fashioned way on the copy machine would have been pleasing enough to many family members, but I had other ideas!

In the meantime, as a year passed, school and work occupied much of my time and I often forgot about Grandma Malik's precious recipes. Finally, in November of 1998, after my parents' home had been flooded and most of their belongings destroyed, I realized the importance of preserving this treasure from the past. I got to work right away.

In no time I had all of the recipes typed. However, that was the easy part. I had decided to leave all of her grammar, punctuations, spellings, and abbreviations exactly how she had them. As I was typing, I was afraid that if I edited too much it would lose its authenticity. Any artwork in the book is what I scanned from magazine articles that she had clipped and saved in between the pages containing her handwritten recipes.

After agreement from other family members and a few discussions about how to proofread over what I had typed, I set out to work again.

Keep in mind that during this process, months would pass before I would finish another step, not because typing or proofreading was time consuming, but school and work were.

Then destiny took over. My 1999 spring semester included a class called "Modes of Inquiry Across the Fields of Study". I would be required to do a detailed research and inquiry into a topic and field of my choice. In the long run, I had to turn in a lengthy paper. Grandma Malik would become my subject. It was perfect!

Many things pointed me in the direction of my Great-Grandparents. This is explained in the beginning of my paper. "The Maliks of Hobson, Texas" is my adventure into their lives. It is narratively written about my actual research and also about the Maliks' different activities.

There are subtitles called "Grandma's Story" and "Grandpa's Story", that have been included. These are my imaginative scenarios about true events described by my Grandma Hons; however, none are word-for-word from interviews with Grandma, and some things didn't necessarily happen in the order I describe. I wrote them to help me imagine what their lives were like, and to hopefully help others relate as well.

I hope you join me in my journey into the lives of the Maliks of Hobson, Texas. The hondo

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Updated July 17, 2000