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Our class uses the newspaper to do a “scavenger hunt” each week (most weeks anyway).  I type questions or partial quotes from various sections of the newspaper and students have to find the article and answer the question appropriately. I always add a little math by asking how much money is needed to buy certain items listed in the grocery ad.
The “scavenger hunt” lesson is good for reading and math practice and it helps students become familiar with the sections of the newspaper and the design layout.  The students really love it and most times they turn it into a race to see who can finish first and get the correct answers.
Lynette (4th Grade Reading and Language Arts)

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Welcome Message
From The Publisher...

As the publisher of a print newspaper, I cannot tell you how excited I am about the teacher participation in our Newspapers In Education program. With almost 30 percent of today's 15-year-olds watching an average of four hours of television daily, their opportunities to experience life in the "real world" are extremely limited.

When you consider that another eight to nine hours of their days are spent either in school or in transit, this leaves precious little time for social activities and family relationships. It leaves virtually no time for them to learn about their community and how to become productive adults and good citizens.

Thus, we see low voter turnout in elections, apathy toward schools, and little participation in civic events from much of the population. I believe -- very strongly -- that one way to combat this apathy in society is to introduce students to their hometown community newspaper.

One of the most valuable lessons that students can learn from their community newspaper is what goes on in City Hall, Commissioners Court, and with other local governmental bodies.

This knowledge can translate into students becoming responsible adults who are better informed citizens more likely to participate in their government. In fact, surveys show that newspaper readers are more likely to be voters!

But, aside from the lessons of good citizenship, civics, and economics that students can learn from their newspaper, there are myriad ways that teachers can use newspapers for classroom learning. Beginning with the youngest who are not yet readers, they can use picture identification, letter recognition, and then word usage. Some of our teachers use newspapers to teach math lessons.

We are so excited to welcome you to the new year with Newspapers In Education.


Elaine Kolodziej

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