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Contest Rules
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Contest ended Friday, May 26
Photos are labeled by the photographer's name.
Click on each photo to see it larger, or click on the first photo and scroll through all of them!

1st Place, Croyle Hevner of Floresville
2nd Place, Karen Jo Davis of Henderson
3rd Place, Tommy Cooper of Stockdale
4th Place, Betsy Schuble of McCoy
5th Place, John Pavliska of Floresville
6th Place, Theresa Sczepanik of Stockdale
Betsy-Schuble Eddie-Garza Judy-Bostic Karen-Jo-Davis Leslie-Winpigler
Eddie-Garza.jpg Judy-Bostic.jpg Karen-Jo-Davis.jpg
Mary-Lee-Brietzke Norbert-Brietzke Skylar-Rae-Skrobarcek Carol-Brietzke  Croyle-Hevner
Mary-Lee-Brietzke.jpg Norbert-Brietzke.jpg Skylar-Rae-Skrobarcek.jpg Carol-Brietzke.jpg Croyle-Hevner.jpg
Heather-Burkett Jeffrey-Crosbie Peter-Mutz Rachel-Reyes Sheri-Reed
Heather-Burkett.jpg Jeffrey-Crosbie.jpg Peter-Mutz.jpg Rachel-Reyes.jpg Sheri-Reed.jpg
Vanessa-Huizar Wanda-Kichar Elaine-Moczygemba James-Richter Janet-Hensley
Vanessa-Huizar.jpg Wanda-Kichar.jpg Elaine-Moczygemba.jpg James-Richter.jpg Janet-Hensley.jpg
Jaylyn-Cadger Mary-Ellen-Long Tammy-Quinters Amy-McCloskey Carol-Kolodziej
Jaylyn-Cadger.jpg Mary-Ellen-Long.jpg Tammy-Quinters.jpg Amy-McCloskey.jpg Carol-Kolodziej.jpg
Erica-Morales John Long John-Olenick Joyce-Mainz Kelly-Parker
Erica-Morales.jpg John Long.jpg John-Olenick.jpg Joyce-Mainz.jpg Kelly-Parker.jpg
Kevin-Muenzler Lynette-Crisp Lynn-Kotzur Rene-Peters Rita-Olenick
Kevin-Muenzler.jpg Lynette-Crisp.jpg Lynn-Kotzur.jpg Rene-Peters.jpg Rita-Olenick.jpg
Tamarah-Sunday Theresa-Sczepanik Alma-Alvardo Amber-Carey Bernadette-Knight
Tamarah-Sunday.jpg Theresa-Sczepanik.jpg
Alma-Alvardo.jpg Amber-Carey.jpg Bernadette-Knight.jpg
Chelsea-Bippert Jennifer-Mueller Maria-Ines-Carrasco Moises-Carrasco Pauline-Sanchez
Chelsea-Bippert.jpg Jennifer-Mueller.jpg Maria-Ines-Carrasco.jpg Moises-Carrasco.jpg Pauline-Sanchez.jpg
Shelley-Hoefelmeyer Bradley-Brown Casey-Mainz Celena-Silva David-Scheffler
Shelley-Hoefelmeyer.jpg Bradley-Brown.jpg Casey-Mainz.jpg Celena-Silva.jpg David-Scheffler.jpg
Honorable Mention
Elizabeth-Austin Evelyn-Timmermann George-Kiolbassa James-Hunt Joey-Ritchie
Elizabeth-Austin.jpg Evelyn-Timmermann.jpg George-Kiolbassa.jpg James-Hunt.jpg Joey-Ritchie.jpg
Michelle-Lovering Patricia-Korzekwa Sharon-Hartsell Trisha-Moehrig Alberta-Towers
Michelle-Lovering.jpg Patricia-Korzekwa.jpg Sharon-Hartsell.jpg Trisha-Moehrig.jpg Alberta-Towers.jpg
Carmen-Rios Carolyn-Thomas Celena-Hernandez Jason-Hall Jeremy-Siltala
Carmen-Rios.jpg Carolyn-Thomas.jpg Celena-Hernandez.jpg Jason-Hall.jpg Jeremy-Siltala.jpg
Joe-Silva Levi-DeLeon Molly-Lubbock Richard-Dabkowski Suzanne-Brown
Joe-Silva.jpg Levi-DeLeon.jpg Molly-Lubbock.jpg Richard-Dabkowski.jpg Suzanne-Brown.jpg
Tommy-Cooper samuel-mann Adam-Poore Allen-Kotara Brandi-Burkett
Samuel-Mann.jpg Adam-Poore.jpg Allen-Kotara.jpg
Honorable Mention
Brandon-Hosek Brandy-Warren Brenda-Ray Brett-Barnett Cheryl-Kindervater
Brandon-Hosek.jpg Brandy-Warren.jpg Brenda-Ray.jpg Brett-Barnett.jpg Cheryl-Kindervater.jpg
Honorable Mention
Cheryl-Trammell Christopher-Cervenka Connie-Crosby Crystal-Walpole Dawn-Barnett
Cheryl-Trammell.jpg Christopher-Cervenka.jpg Connie-Crosby.jpg Crystal-Walpole.jpg Dawn-Barnett.jpg
Denise-Sendemer Donn-Warren Faye-Clauss Grace-Cervenka Gwen-Brown
Denise-Sendemer.jpg Donn-Warren.jpg Faye-Clauss.jpg
Honorable Mention
Grace-Cervenka.jpg Gwen-Brown.jpg
Harry-Stewart Hayden-Hajovsky Heather-Mendez Holly-Deaton Holly-Denton
Harry-Stewart.jpg Hayden-Hajovsky.jpg Heather-Mendez.jpg Holly-Deaton.jpg Holly-Denton.jpg
Holly-Norris Jennifer-Jaskinia John-Pavliska Jose-Alcazar Karen-Balcar
Honorable Mention
Jennifer-Jaskinia.jpg John-Pavliska.jpg
Jose-Alcazar.jpg Karen-Balcar.jpg
Karen-Gulick Karen-Quiroz Karen-Warren Kelli-Swygard Kelly-Poore
Karen-Gulick.jpg Karen-Quiroz.jpg Karen-Warren.jpg Kelli-Swygard.jpg Kelly-Poore.jpg
Kim-Cervenka Kim-Domke Lindsey-Waltisperger Melissa-Clyne-Alcazar Misty-Cremers
Kim-Cervenka.jpg Kim-Domke.jpg Lindsey-Waltisperger.jpg Melissa-Clyne-Alcazar.jpg Misty-Cremers.jpg
Honorable Mention
Raul-Quiroz-Jr Raymond-Clauss Rgene-Harrison Richard-McCombs Robert-Cervenka
Raul-Quiroz-Jr.jpg Raymond-Clauss.jpg R.gene-Harrison.jpg
Honorable Mention
Richard-McCombs.jpg Robert-Cervenka.jpg
Rose-Hauger Rosella-Silva Shauna-Tabor Tammy-Hosek Vicki-Poore
Rose-Hauger.jpg Rosella-Silva.jpg Shauna-Tabor.jpg
Honorable Mention
Tammy-Hosek.jpg Vicki-Poore.jpg
Wade-Brannan Wayne-Trammell-Jr Wayne-Trammell-Sr
Wade-Brannan.jpg Wayne-Trammell-Jr.jpg Wayne-Trammell-Sr.jpg

About the Contest:
The Wilson County News hosts a "Springtime in South Texas Photo Contest" every year in the spring. Photos entries are posted online at wilsoncountynews.com and winners are announced in the Wilson County News in June.

Deadline to enter: May 26, 2006, 5 p.m.
Winners will be printed in the June 7 Wilson County News print edition.

Dana and Tom Parish
of Floresville, owners of
Alamo Photo Labs,
3814 Broadway, San Antonio.

Weekend Getaway!

Includes a weekend at Reflections Lake Retreat (up to 30 people can be accommodated). Prize excludes holidays and previously booked dates. Reservations must be made 30 days in advance.$2,500 Value!

A Day At The Spa
Includes a one-hour massage, one-hour facial, a microdermabrasion session, and a 33% Glycolic Peel from Whispering Hill Day Spa in Floresville. $185 Value!

Garden Delight
A pair of Ornate Solar Foot Path Lights from Garden Party Nursery in Poth. $80 Value!

Pizza Night
Dinner “Family Fun Package” includes 1 True New Yorker Pizza, Large Order of Hot Wings, 4 Regular drinks, and 20 Tokens from Chunky Monkey Pizza Place in Floresville. $55 Value!

Dining Out
Dinner for two at The Steak Company in La Vernia. $30 Value!

Sweet Treat
Gift Certificate to Coffee & Creamery in Floresville. $25 Value!

Contest Rules:
Entries will be judged on the theme “Springtime in South Texas,” composition, and creativity. Decision of the judges is final.
Photographers should obtain parental consent if the content of the photo involves a child.
Limit ONE entry per photographer.
Photos submitted become the property of the Wilson County News and they may be used in special promotions in the future. Photos submitted will NOT be returned.
All photos submitted will be published online at wilsoncountynews.com and some may be published in the Wilson County News.
Photos may be e-mailed to reader@wcn-online.com, mailed to WCN Photo Contest, 1012 C St., Floresville, TX 78114, or delivered to the WCN office. You must include your name, address, and home/daytime phone numbers as well as a brief description of the photo.
Deadline to enter is Friday, May 26, at 5 p.m.
Winners will be published in the June 7 issue of the Wilson County News.
Employees of the Wilson County News and their immediate families are not eligible to enter.

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