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Over Taxed, MA  
January 4, 2010 3:14am
"heroin, cocaine, lsd, X and crystal meth"

GUOCB -- Here is some info on cocaine and meth. I will tackle one or two more of those drugs tomorrow and the rest a day later.

The infamous drug "Meth" is a product of the drug war. In particular it is a result of the illegalization of cocaine just like "bathtub gin" and "white lightning" were produced by the illegalization of alcohol. Drug fighters and illegalizers are personally responsible for all the harm that is associated with these products because it is their wars that created them. It is their violent and criminal intervention into the free market that produced these black market drugs.

Cocaine is a molecule or substance that is produced by the coca bush. It is a much-valued plant extract which, in its raw form, has been utilized safely for more than a thousand years. It is a naturally produced stimulant and appetite suppressant which is also valued for its nutritional, medicinal, ceremonial, and recreational benefits.

Is pure cocaine a dangerous, hard drug that should be banned? No. It is only hard and dangerous when it is illegal. The only times that it has ever been associated with crime and violence is when it has been illegalized by a foreign government such as the U.S. In South America, where it is native, there were never any problems with the coca bush for five thousand years until some North Americans intruded with their drug war.

Like many other drugs, when using the pure extract, it can be dangerous at a high dose and, safe and beneficial and at smaller doses. It is not the poison that kills you, it is the dosage. Many products such as vitamins are beneficial at one level and harmful at another. Another fact is that there is no such thing as drug that is good for everyone or a drug that is bad for everyone. Human beings come in many varieties with many different body chemistries. A few beers can be healthy for many people while a quart of whiskey is probably dangerous. It is also true that some people have a bad reaction to a particular drug and should completely avoid it. For example, there are people who are nice people when sober but jerks when they drink. Clearly, they should abstain from that drug and look for the underlying cause of their inappropiate behavior. I had a friend with a severe alcohol and coke problem who turned himself around. He found himself in a bible study group. It filled a need that he had. He was not beaten into submission by GUOCB or some war machine. He went his own way, confronted the challanges that were presented to him, and dealt with them as best he could. Isn't that a big part of life? Isn't that what determines a persons character?

Cocaine tea, tea brewed from the leaves of the coca bush (the divine plant of the Incas), is one hundred percent safe and healthy. Likewise, chewing the leaves is 100% safe. Medicinal plants in their raw state are quite safe. What about the refined product, white powder, snorting, and injecting? A measured amount of the white powder in a drink can also be beneficial to many and as safe as tea. The person (I forget his name) who introduced cocaine wine to Europe was awarded a gold medal for his service to humanity. Pope Leo was a regular consumer of this drink and praised its virtues untill he died at the age of ninety seven.

Obviously, shoving a pile of powder up your nose or injecting anything is dangerous. Likewise, smoking the concentrate is not recommended. These dangerous ways to consume are caused by illegalization which makes these drugs extremely expensive. Smoking, snorting, and injecting are very much cheaper and more efficient methods of ingesting because they bypass the digestive system.

The U.S. Government Licensed Drug Cartel benefits billions every year from the illegalization of the coca bush and its main extract, cocaine. The GLDC produces and markets a group of drugs called amphetamines that are substitutes for cocaine and similar drugs such as Ritalin which are pushed onto school children who do not adapt well the regimentation of government schools. Some of the street names for these drugs are speed, uppers, crank, and diet-pills-that-work. The reason why medicinal plants and extracts have been illegalized by powerful interest groups is money. Plants and plant extracts are not patentable because they were created by nature. They grow wild. Rich people can't make any money from them if they are legal because they can be produced by poor people for pennies.

The legalization of cocaine would immediately take at least ten billion dollars per year from the GLDC and another ten billion dollars a year from the criminal injustice industrial complex. All that money (stolen loot) would go back into the pockets of the taxpayers and consumers. If people could purchase coca tea, a natural and nutritious home remedy, for a few pennies per cup, no one would pay ten thousand percent more for some potentially dangerous phamacuetical substitute.
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