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VideoFound: Dog, chocolate color, on old Pittman Rd., be prepared to prove it's your dog, looking for owner. Call or text Tammy at 830-391-6662.
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Found: Red Chihuahua, male, friendly but frightened, need to find his owner, in Floresville. 830-534-6413.
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Jim Miller  
Floresville, TX  
January 16, 2012 3:06pm
Save Floresville -

I find it hard to believe or understand that questions being asked are a vendetta against the City of Floresville or that anyone who desires an honest and transparent government is doing so to prevent prosperity in our community.

The City's leaders vindicated those asking the questions in their response to the County Attorney's lawsuit against Andy Joslin. These leaders stated publicly in a Special City Council Meeting and in Official Press Releases that their numbers were accurate and that the Truth would come out in court. They yielded long before any court date could be set. Why? Because the truth about their numbers is that they were, in fact WRONG! The City had to demonstrate to the County Attorney that they had FIXED their numbers and presented over $5.1 Million in adjustments to their numbers in official documents filed with the District Court!

The "clan" you continue to refer to is, as of right now, well over 400 registered voters of the City of Floresville. It represents significant MAJORITY of those that voted for any one particular candidate, in ANY race, in the most recent election. This "clan" expects those elected to office to be Representatives of the entirety of our community; This "clan" expects an honesty and transparency; This "clan" expects that the finances of the City to be ACCURATELY reported; and most importantly this "clan" requires our elected officials to be the fiscal agents of the taxpayers. These expectations are clearly given to us RIGHTS in a democratic society in both the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Texas.

I am sorry but the vendetta that you continue to reference, I can not see. Rather I see a MAJORITY of the City's Citizens stepping up and demanding the rights afforded to them. This majority is tired of these so-called leaders acting as if it was their mandate to do to this City what every they want, regarding of it's impact or the desire of it's citizens.

Allow me to correct your statement regarding Hunt Oil Company. This is a company that came into our community looking to relocate it's entire corporate operation from Louisiana and Dallas. Where did they find the best business climate? Where did they find a City Government with it's arms open to economic growth? Floresville? No, they are moving all of their operations to Poth!

A couple more fact's regarding this City's Leadership and it's chosen road to prosperity:

1 - Why did it take over 7 months of Citizens questions regarding the misstatements in the City's own budget? Many of these misstatements have been on the books for over 5 years! Why did not one City Official, Auditor, Financial Manager, Clerk, or Constituent Liaison see these or question them?

2 - If economic growth is the goal, why have we not started to plan for growth until now? Our City Manager's job description requires that he or she provide the Council with a 5 year plan. Our City Manager has been on the job for nearly two years. Where is the plan?

3 - Oh yes, we are now paying (an undisclosed amount) to a public relations firm to market our community and defend the actions of it's Mayor, Council, and City Manager. And finally, we are paying an engineering firm to develop a 10 year master plan. Will it go the way of the Dodo in the same way the 10 year capital projects plan went. Why is it now that planning for the future suddenly became a concern of the administration?

4 - The voters approved a 1/4 % Sales Tax for Street Maintenance in 2004. The payments to the City have averaged around $200,000.00 per year since then. There is NO PLAN in place for the improvement of our City's streets. There is NO TIME TABLE! But now, 7 years later, the 10 year master plan will address this? On some streets, according to our City Manager the homeowner must pay for curbs and on other streets the curbs are paid for with the Street Maintenance Sales Tax. What is the defined criteria for this? The City demonstrated that is currently has over $1.2 Million set aside for Streets Maintenance but can not tell us how it is going to be used?

5 - The City's Sewer Plant is nearing it's capacity. A sewer plant nearing it's capacity means no new construction of any kind. What is the City's plan? We were told that this would be answered with the yet released 10 Year Master Plan. Ok then, will this plan tell us how to PAY FOR IT? This is going to require tax increases and very probably bonds (more debt). In August of 2010 the Mayor used this requirement to justify his proposal for a 34% tax increase but provided no plan or special fund to secure these funds. In 2011 all was glorious and no tax rate increase was proposed. Why? The Mayor wanted his sports complex. A sports complex, the debt on the event center (over $7 Million) and the sewer plant expansion costs could lead to a 50% or higher increase in the property tax rate to the property owners in the City of Floresville. Yes, this is government planning at it's finest! Increase the taxes and let the next administration deal with the problems.

6 - Internet???? No we don't need any stinking internet. We need a Community Center, no a Convention Center, no a Event Center at the cost of over $7 Million. Now we need a Sports Complex!!!

7 - Economic Development - Downtown Revitalization and Market Days? This is the plan, give me a break.

If the desire for democratic and responsible government is a vendetta and those supporting it constitute a "clan" then so be it!
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