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Lost & Found

Found: Calico cat, female, white, orange, and black, on CR 352, La Vernia. 210-667-1052.

Video Lost: Cat, black and white, last seen the evening of Sept. 29 in the Woodcreek Subdivision area, La Vernia. Reward for his safe return. Call Richard, 830-779-2080 or 210-776-4930.
If you are missing a pet in Floresville, be sure to check the Floresville holding facility. Animals are only kept for 3 days. Contact Las Lomas K-9 Rescue, 830-581-8041.
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Help Wanted

We are looking for part time energetic team members for growing gas station outside of LaVernia. Duties to include cashier, food prep, stocking (must be able to lift 45 lbs). Must be able to work days, nights and weekends as schedule will vary. Please contact Cynthia at or apply in person at 87 Ice House, 6517 US Highway 87, Sutherland Springs,
Western Beverages (Wine and Spirits retail store) in La Vernia, Texas, is currently seeking to hire:• Full-time Store Manager. The candidate must possess the following: *2 to 3 years Retail Management experience *Great Customer service *Experience in cash and credit card transactions *Experience with store operations *Be able to lift up to 50 lbs. *All Candidates must be over the age of 21 and be able to pass a background check and liquor control requirements. Interested applicants may apply online or email resumes to and or fax to 888-870-3885.
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Winston Shaffer  
Floresville, TX  
March 13, 2012 1:31am
Alvin, it is amazing to me someone who displays such ignorance; lack of comprehension; refuses to acknowledge other valid points; inability to conduct research and provide referenced sources would be so bold. Of course, there are people who believe Obama is doing a good job -- Just Crazy. Further, since you don’t seem to comprehend very well or read the entire comments, let me recap upfront what I am going to say below in response to your comments.

RECAP: I didn’t have my education paid for by the Federal government and definitely did not get paid any salary to attend school, I made less in the military versus my counterparts on the outside, I make over 40% less in retirement than the number Alvin has fabricated, I have been all of the world and seen some ugly things, and because of my job, I am disabled, but I got “sweetheart deal on the taxpayer dime- period” Your logic is astounding.

You can stand by your statement all you want but which one. You stated that a retired O-5 makes $80-85k/year (you missed it by tens of thousands of dollars) which anyone who does ANY research knows is wrong except the Prairie Grouch who is a grouch and is lost on the prairie. I would show you the calculation (easily found on Google) but I wanted to see if you would actually do some research. No surprise, you just changed the subject. I have seen your posts and they are consistently inaccurate. In fact, I would say to based on your history, you are not a reliable source. In fact, you misrepresent and make false statements so I wouldn’t trust you to cut my grass. You like to state what you think or I stand by, but refuse to provide any facts. When you are questioned, you like to change the subject or do what is known as half-truths.
You estimate that at 20 years the average retirement rank is Lt Col. No kidding. Based on the way the military is now (entering the service after 1980), you basically can’t make it past twenty years unless you are a Lt Col. In fact, you can’t normally make it to 20 years as a Captain (Get kicked out after ten years if not prior enlisted) and you have to retire at 20 years as a Major. If you would like to do some research this is all defined in the Defense Officer Personnel Management Act (DOPMA). I don’t expect you will. I doubt if you would understand the words printed on the page and definitely don’t expect any acknowledgement of the facts.

Further, you are implying that everyone who enters the military as an officer retires as a Lt Col. Oh, silly me the finest military in the world just takes bums off the streets, makes them officers and lo and behold then retire after 20 years making $80k. Sounds idiotic for someone to suggest or stand by that statement but it is Alvin and the “factless” group. First, in order to even get into the military as officer, you have to have the highest test scores on standardized tests (ACT, SAT, etc), and you have to a GPA of at least 3.4 to get scholarship. After you get in, the retention rate is less than 50% for officers in the first ten years of being in the service (lots of people don’t like it). Since your English or comprehension of is lacking, let me explain what retention is. Basically, when 100 highly qualified people enter the military as officers, less than 50 are still on active duty after ten years. The military has an up and out policy. So, if you are not the best, you don’t get promoted and you get kicked out. For my promotion cycle, I only had a 40% chance of making Lt Col. I was one of the few that made it to be concerned for promotion. The military promotion system is unlike the civilian government positions where you can stay in the government at that position until you retire. So, again, you seem to be a little slow on comprehension. Let me explain this to you and read it slow so you catch all the words. If you don’t get your advanced degrees, pass your professional military education and have the highest evaluations, you don’t get promoted (up or out). All this information is easily accessible on the internet. Alvin I assuming you don’t have the time or just too lazy to look.
As for my education, I paid for it myself by working, student loans and state grants. I did not have an ROTC scholarship or graduate from a military academy. I was a direct commission (another term I am sure your limited life experience has allowed you to learn). I doubt you even have an education. If you do, you might want to give it back as your arguments are flawed, unsupportable and lack any sign of intelligence.

Your statement “An '05 is absolutely not comparable to a CEO, that is laughable.” Laughable to whom? Some with no knowledge of the business world? I took that statement directly from the Minnesota Department VA, “Translate Your Military Experience Into Civilian Terms.” I would suggest you look up the term “Translate Your Military Experience Into Civilian Terms,” you might learn something. Of course, I don’t think learning or comprehension is high on your priority list.

In addition, Alvin, I doubt if you pay Federal income taxes but those of us who work, we pay the salary of quite a bit of government employees. We also pay for Federal Grants to folks going to Harvard and Princeton. Can we rant and rave about their sweetheart deal?

Here are some more numbers for you. There are approximately 525,000 retired military officers (some 90 years old) and 1.3M retired enlisted members. There are approximately 22 million Veterans. Based on our small number, talent and great accomplishments, I think anyone who serves/d in the military is worthy of great praise and if in some convoluted way those demented folks who think they got a sweetheart deal, so be it.

Alvin, you remind me of the story my dad use to say about certain people, the monkey climbed up the flagpole and everyone saw his… I think that sums up your comments and your intellectual debate. Therefore, since you are uninformed, present uneducated opinions, and refuse to at least acknowledge valid points, I am going to have to agree with Rock'n chair Rambler, you think I just made it up. Sleep peaceful tonight due to all the military members getting a sweetheart deal on the taxpayer dime. Hopefully, you will pray for the widows of the unlucky ones. Enjoy all the comforts of subsidized housing, food stamps and Medicaid even if you never worked a day in your life. I am sure that “is not” a sweetheart of a deal (Sarcasm for Alvin). My point when I started this was; veterans and retired military people did their duty and should not be the first ones on the chopping block for Federal cuts or medical cost increases.
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