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Carolina chavez  
March 15, 2012 5:30pm
We are stunned to see the report of BBB provided to TV stations in regard to BEL FURNITURE. The report clearly evidenced the discriminatory attitude towards our company. In fact we were under impression that BBB was unbiased but the report clearly is otherwise. A few officials of BBB in fact tried to tarnish our image which we have built over years providing utmost good and reliable services in the furniture industry. As a result of which we have grown multifold in a few years. They have sent the report to media without having the courtesy of investigating the matter before releasing that report. We are unaware on whose behest; the allegations have been leveled against our company.

At the outset it is our duty to reply to the wrong allegations in regard to the purchase of two customers and we like to submit our explanation which will clear off us from those allegations :-

1. Mr. Ron Poole. He bought the furniture on 07/04/11 under invoice # 1-35633. A copy of the invoice is enclosed for immediate reference. Mr. Poole did not buy any TV on that invoice. BEL FURNITURE offers various promotions every month and each promotion is independent of other ones. The customer has the liberty to choose discount offer, Free HDTV offer or even Financing offer. The flier and other advertised material clearly discloses that the offers cannot be combined.
2. All items were delivered on 08/09/2011. Mr. Poole demanded refund on TV consol which our company considered even in the condition when the delivery was already made to him. FULL REFUND WAS GIVEN TO HIM EVEN AFTER THE TV CONSOL WAS IN HIS HOUSE FOR SEVERAL MONTHS.
3. He never paid $ 1600 for buying any TV, which can be vouched from the invoice of Mr. Poole.
4. Customer has not revealed the fact that he GOT REFUNDED $ 209.38 on 08/13/11 being special discount available on the day of purchase.
5. All the furniture items come with labels and material those are made of. As per our experience customers buying items looks at the fabric and the finish before finalizing their purchases. Mr. Poole allegations are not correct concerning Sectional, Chaise and Ottoman.
6. We exchanged the sectional TWO TIMES for Mr. Poole.
7. On January 18th, 2012 after having several exchanged and telephone conversations/ visits by our personnel, our company offered FULL REFUND to Mr. Poole. He informed that he wants to get refund before handing over the furniture items, which principally is wrong.

Concerning complaint of Eric Coffey, we like to enclose the copy of the invoice which evidences the pickup furniture items on 08/25/11 which he bought under invoice # D-11526 on 08/12/11. The TV was received by him through UPS on 08/29/11. We do not have any complaint on record.

While we like to inform that BBB was clearly advised around six months back to send all correspondence to the Corporate Office for replies and quick action. Being a successful retail furniture company we endeavor to reply each single complaint and satisfy each customer to the fullest extent. We like to place on record that we do not seem to have received any of the complaints at our corporate office address.

We feel BBB should have talked to our officials before releasing the reports to TV and media authorities. They could have got our written statements and after hearing our side of story they could have done whatever they needed to. The issues should have been fully investigated before taking any appropriate action.

BBB has leveled allegations against our company and posted a story with three media centers without doing any investigation on referred cases. We are unaware what BBB would derive having tarnished our image which we built over years. We feel it is the certainly the time when we should reveal the real face of BBB before public. In order to substantiate we like to get the information taken from their website.

BEL FURNITURE is adding approximately 50,000 customers annually and growing FASTEST POSSIBLE by dint of supplying quality and affordable furniture to people. Customers have reposed confidence in our company. In view of such large base of customers with annual sales of over $ 75 Million, 108 complaints in 3 years (out of which 40 closed in last 12 months) are NEGLIGIBLE.

The company accredited by BBB is given A+ rating which non members suffer and assigned F. We feel BBB’s judgment and ratings are biased. In order to prove our point we like to get the actual complaint figures of our competitors who are BBB ACCREDITED. The figures are quite opener.
ROOMS TO GO has 1723 complaints in 3 years and 638 in 12 Months RATINGS A +
ROOMSTORE has 265 Complaints in 3 Years and 110 in 12 Months RATINGS B-
BEL FURNITURE has 108 complaints in 3 years and 40 in 12 Months RATINGS F
The facts are before anyone to judge the credibility of ratings of BBB which in fact is working as an agent for those who become their members. The furniture company with highest number of complaints will be assigned A+ and with the least number of complaints and satisfied customers with F.

It is interesting to point out that even with F ratings assigned to us; BBB Houston has approached us several times for membership. Is it not Hypocrisy? We are sure simply getting money this “F” will be converted to “A+”

An article with the title TERROR GROUP GETS “A” FROM BBB. This article was published on BBB functioning way back on November 12 2010. The copy of that article is also being enclosed for getting the facts revealed.

Another website link is being presented here under which exposes the damaging attitude and mishandling of small businesses.
BBB is misguiding people in the name their ratings, which in fact can be bought by paying a small amount and keep top rating while non members suffer at their hands and content with F ratings. If need be we will try to expose INVOLVED BBB OFFICIALS before public to let them know the reality. We may expose them through MEDIA using our database of 350,000 customers and other social media networks such as face book, twitter, etc.

Another Video report by ABC (20/20) given hereunder as link will also Expose the working of BBB. We encourage all concerned to watch this video to get first hand information.

BBB ON PAPERS is Just, unbiased but the REAL FACTS are beyond imagination. The backstabbing by BBB certainly helps our competitors’ edge over us. The huge advertising expenditure incurred by company gets washed away with the misleading and wrong report by BBB on the website.

In order to protect the interest of our company we are constrained to bring the REAL FACTS before each concerned to clear us off this mess. BBB Officials comfortably sitting in their big offices cannot bring our business down without proper investigating each and every complaint. They simply forward the complaint to us and our reply is just sent back to customer. Is it POSITIVE ROLE of BBB ? They need to understand importance of small businesses in boosting the economy..

With a view to help community each year BEL Furniture distributes furniture items more than $ 100,000 to NEEDY FAMILIES FREE OF COST. We are surprised BBB has not taken cognizance of such charity work while assigning “F” to us. Media has not cared to cover this social cause and events instead ready to cover and report negatively to put small businesses out of business which are the source of bread and butter of mass public.

It is our utmost duty to inform all concerned on observations and replies on the tips given to public by BBB:-

Read the fine print: Each customer in BEL FURNITURE signs the invoice which contained items, terms & conditions and applicable sales tax with final amount to be paid. Nothing is concealed from the customers.

Start with Trust: While visit to our showroom indicates trust in our company. Even if BBB assigns F Ratings to our company adopting discriminatory attitude, still our valued customers have reposed confidence in us.

Get it in Writing: Each single customer while buying is issued invoice containing terms and conditions mentioned clearly with our Sales Return Policy . The customer is fully aware of his/her rights once the purchase is made.

Ask About refunds: As stated above the refunds on customers purchases are clearly mentioned in our printed invoice handed over to customer.

Understand the terms of financing: Customers financing their purchase always sign the agreement with the Financing Company. The agreement itself is complete in regard to terms of financing, interest rates, if applicable, amount of installments and other related information.

At this point of time when economy is just started improving, the action of BBB to bring us down with such tactics will not work and we will fight back.

If anyone has any question, please feel free to contact us for letting you know further some of the key issues which have not been revealed through this letter.


Mr Sid Mollai
Bel Furniture
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