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Jim Miller  
Floresville, TX  
September 1, 2012 9:36am
The Mayor has called a “Special City Council Meeting” for Thursday, August 23, 2012, at 7:00 p.m. This is the exact same time that the Floresville Economic Development Corporation has called a Special Meeting to discuss pending litigation filed by County Attorney Russell Wilson against the FEDC and to seek legal representation on the matter.

The proposed agenda demonstrates the continued “just do it” without thinking about it, planning it, or considering the ramifications of actions, arrogant attitude of this administration. (Note: The agenda is currently posted at City Hall and is available on the City’s website at http://www.cityoffloresville.org/city-government/files/agenda-20120906.pdf )

The third item listed on this agenda is “CITIZENS TO BE HEARD”.

This is the FIRST agenda this year for any City Council Meeting (Regular or Special) to allow for Citizens Input. Are we, the Citizens, expected to all of sudden believe that our input in a City Council Meeting will be, at the very least, listened to? The agenda items would suggest NOT.

Item 1a C&A to adopt a resolution supporting the construction of a McCoy Building Store. (Andy Joslin/Mayor Daniel M. Tejada).

The Mayor and company would have us believe that the actions of Councilmen Guerrero and Morones are causing the McCoy’s Corporation to have second thoughts about building a store in Floresville. As they have already purchased the land that was desired by many, many organizations looking to take advantage of the Eagle Ford Shale, I seriously doubt that. However, let’s look closer at the proposed resolution.

First of all this is an agreement between the FEDC and the City of Floresville. The McCoy’s Corporation is NOT A PARTY TO THE AGREEMENT!

The City and the FEDC will provide approximately $270,000.00 (of Tax Payer Dollars) in construction and reimbursements to the McCoy’s Corporation. It took the FEDC over 3 years to provide the $200,000 to the Alamo Community Colleges that was promised in a resolution. The County Attorney is seeking arbitration to get the FEDC to complete their commitments in the Industrial Park. What kind of relationship is the FEDC going to create with the McCoy’s Corporation?

Further review of this draft “resolution” reveals that the McCoy’s corporation, in return for the Tax Payer Dollars spend on construction and reimbursement, will dedicate a part of the land to public good as a PARK in a location and configuration acceptable to McCoys! Oh yes, that just what we need……..another park!

Item 1c C&A to approve FEDC resolution(s) approving an interlocal agreement (with respect to the Recreation Complex). (Sara Mendoza/Mayor Daniel M. Tejada)

Item 1e C&A regarding 4A ground lease with the City of Floresville. (Andy Joslin/Mayor Daniel M. Tejada)

The petition filed in the District Court by the County Attorney states “It cannot be plausibly argued that sixty days after the Floresville City Council was presented with a petition mandating a public vote, before public debt was incurred for funding of a sports complex, and a scant 33 days after the FEDC Executive Director says he was asked to by the Floresville City Council to find an “alternative” to the City of Floresville incurring that public debt via certificates of obligation, so that the City Council did not have to allow the citizens a public vote on incurring that debt, that is was not a subject of special interest to the public for the FEDC to incur $2,100,000.00 in public debt, for a sports complex.”

There is nothing like bypassing the will of the voters and shoving this down the throat of the taxpayers! At the exact same time the FEDC is meeting with it’s legal council to determine how to deal with litigation the Mayor wants to approve a interlocal agreement “that states the Floresville Economic Development Corporation is responsible for the construction; the enhancement and/or expansion of parks and sports facilities for the benefit of the community.”

Ground lease with the 4A? Their last meeting that reflected a quorum was in January! There have been numerous resignations from that board and I seriously doubt that a quorum could even be mustered!

Item 1d. C&A to inquire into the Manager’s budget presentation formally filed with the City Secretary to commence the budgeting process. (John Guerrero/Margaret Aranda)

This is now on the agenda? Councilman Guerrero requested that this item be placed on the August 23, 2012 Regular City Council agenda. The City Secretary and the City Manager decided on their own not to include it on the agenda. Now, without consult to Councilman Guerrero, it appears?

Here is the real question: The FY 2011/2012 Budget posted on the City’s Website (January 24, 2012) states the budgeted revenue for property tax is $832K and the budgeted revenue for sales tax is $1.14 million. NOW the proposed budget, that includes the budget for FY 2011/2012 states that the budgeted revenue for property tax is now $912k and the budgeted revenue for sales tax is $1.425 million. WHEN DID THIS CHANGE TO THE APPROVE BUDGET OCCUR. More importantly, these numbers, based upon current receipts, will never be realized. Was this an pencil adjustment to justify current expenditures?

Item 1f C&A to consider approving a tax exemption for residential property owners 65 years of age and older. (Sherry Castillo/Mayor Daniel M. Tejada).

Good Idea? On face value it would seem so. However, has there been a study to determine how many people this will impact? Do we know how much in savings property owners 65 years of age and older will see? How will this loss of revenue to the City be dealt with? How will this impact the property taxes of those less than 65 years of age in the future?

Here is epiphany, lets first discuss this, review all the facts and the numbers before taking any action!

Item 2l. Public Hearing for 2012-2013 Floresville City Budget (continuation of road improvement income subject to November voter approval)(including funding for the approved Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Floresville Police Department).

Isn’t odd that the previously scheduled public hearings simply stated “Public Hearing for 2012 – 2013 Floresville City Budget”. It would appear that the Mayor is attempting to, again, place blame on Councilmen Guerrero and Morones.

Well, here is the truth! If for some reason the City is unable to have an approved budget by September 30, 2012 for the coming Fiscal Year what would happen. Well, according to State Law they would have to use the current Fiscal Year’s budget for the upcoming Fiscal Year and they would be unable to RAISE taxes. This in itself is a GOOD THING.

What about “continued road improvement income”? Well this is a voter approved “Street Maintenance Sales Tax”. If the voters approve it the City will continue to receive it, regardless of the approved status of the budget!

What about “funding of the approved Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Floresville Police Department”? Yes, regardless of the status of the budget, the Police Department CBA will be funded by the City! The City Charter states: “The city manager administers the budget and manages the work programs and spending by departments within the policy goals and appropriations set by the council. As chief administrator, the manager must have the authority to revise the allotments at any time during the year and for any reason.” This is very apparent in the current Fiscal Year as the City Manager has moved in excess of $500,000.00 from other departments (streets, police, fire, and parks) to the administrative department that is currently well over budget!

Jim Miller
Registered Voter, Business Owner, and
Candidate for City Council, Place #1

On Facebook: Jim Miller for Floresville
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