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October 18, 2008 4:58am
I got my information about Norway from a 2007 census. I win there since my information is more recent. And actually, The prison population is less than 1% atheist, and they do in fact share the same prison as all the crazy theists. It would probably correlate the same with the black population, as the majority of black Americans are lower-class citizens that live in very poor conditions and are raised in a state of brutality.
Humans aren't other animals species. While we are in fact an animal, whether or not creationists want to think so, we've evolved into a complex, technologically advanced societal species. You should watch more documentaries on south American tribes, by the way. They're usually tight nit groups that rarely have any sort of conflict with other tribes due to their isolated states. Even though they've remained technologically stagnant, even their primitive religions aren't as horrid in their dogmas as Christianity, nor have these tribes committed atrocities of the same type or scale as other religions, mainly monotheistic ones.
I don't need to go observe elementary school children. I remember my elementary school experience. I would see half of my bullies at church when I went to school in my hometown, and when I attended a couple other school districts, including two christian private schools, all the other bullies were christian, or at least claimed to be. The worst bullies were the ones in those private schools.
Want a lesson in "atheist good" as you put it? First off, we have PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY. There is none with christianity. All you have to do is repent for your "sins." This dogma alone is one of the reason the majority of people in the prison system are members of some sect of christianity, before committing the crimes that got them thrown into prison. Then there's the massive amount of hypocrisy in the bible, which is also something that in and of itself proves that it's not the divine word of some all-powerful sky wizard. Almost everyone the christian god shows favor to in the bible breaks one or more of the ten commandments, as well as exhibits behavior that is completely illegal today, including incest and polygamy. A simple read through of the bible as read through the eyes of someone reading it for what it really is, another book of mythology, determines that the christian god is akin to a child with an anthill and a magnifying glass who, despite his ability to cause destruction and great suffering to the ants, is tremendously afraid of them. God can't even follow his own rules. The same behavior is easily observed in christians on a daily basis. The vast majority of inner city gang members are raised christian, most often catholic. That's easy to find out. Go ask a few gang members yourself, if you can't find a survey on the internet or the newspaper.
I don't make things up, either, as I gain nothing from lying about this issue. I notice you didn't have a single response for the fact that Hitler believed he was doing the work of god, invoked jesus in many of his speeches, or that Stalin didn't do anything that the christian church and other such faith systems have done in the past. Once again, the problem there was fundamentalism anyways. Which is yet another reason why being Atheist would make for a peaceful society, because there aren't any dogmas or fundamentals other than being a critical thinker and keeping one's head in reality. As I've said in many of the other comments I've left in this blog, Fundamentalism, both religious and political, are what's keeping the world in such a state of turmoil, and have allowed and caused all of the greatest atrocities in history. Religious fundamentalism is far worse than political fundamentalism, because religious fundamentalists are far more determined to bring the world under the complete control of their religion, and who would win if that happened? The world would be the same as it would have been had Hitler won world war two. Go watch "The Mist." It paints a pretty accurate picture of how people would behave under a Theocracy.
Life isn't precious. For something to be precious, by definition it must be hard to acquire or a rare commodity. Pregnancy is actually quite easy to achieve, therefore it isn't. To further elaborate on this, an embryo is barely alive, and it most certainly is not sentient life, on top of the fact that for all intents and purposes, it is a parasite throughout its entire development right up until birth. Therefore, there is absolutely nothing wrong with abortion,and those who think there is something wrong with it are clearly ignorant of these facts. Most pro-lifers are republican christians, which is redundant because most republicans ARE christians. Republicans are also very elitist and support military growth. Most people in the Army and the Marines are the lowest common denominator and most often don't even graduate high school because they can't cut it. Pro-choice propaganda allows for more fodder for the war machine.
The last time I checked, hospitals were built to provide health care to the general population, not specifically for premature babies. Take a look at the world. The current system doesn't work. I didn't right the oath that doctors take as part of their career choice, however, it IS rather inefficient to attempt to keep premature babies alive when they know there's practically know chance of their survival. The welfare system doesn't work. Look at it. It's not aid for the poor, but more of a reward system for laziness and irresponsible reproduction. And people wonder why there's a population problem. While it is true that it is the instinct of every organism that procreates through sexual intercourse to reproduce as much as possible to ensure the survival of the species, humans are one of the few species that have sex for pleasure as well as reproduction, and given the advancements in medicine including contraceptives, there's no reason for there to be so many unnecessary pregnancies/births. And while I have stated that basic instincts are preferable to the dogmas of religion, given that we do have the ability to evaluate things with logic, it makes sense that the only people who should even be allowed to reproduce are those who are financially stable and can provide the proper living conditions to raise offspring. There should be a limit to how many children a couple can have, and maybe even a temporary halt on reproduction period. There are tons of foster kids and orphans that need a home.
Hunting for sport being entertainment and thinking that killing a wild animal species being wrong are both cases of nurture, not nature. If necessary, EVERYONE would hunt for food. Humans don't behave as pack animals, and we have various ways of appointing leaders these days. Humans did kill off leaders in monarchies and patriarchies, and those existed when the church held more power than the thrown. That says something, doesn't it?
I could rant forever in response to your responses, Winston, but doing so is what's kept me from writing another letter. I will add, however, that the population or size of a country has nothing to do with what would work for a large country such as the United States. I noticed you didn't have any attempts to contradict the statistics about Norway's crime rate, economy, or education system that I gave in my last comment. Our country would be a much better place without religion and partisan politics. Even the version of capitalism our economy is based on is failing. The top 1% of the country that is the rich elite has more control over things than the common citizen, because they control most of the money. There are already plenty of cost-effective alternative energy sources to run our cars and generate power for our electrical grids. But you'll never see them used in our lifetimes, because the current energy source corporations wouldn't be able to make much of a profit off of them. Think about it.
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