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Winston Shaffer  
October 19, 2008 11:18am
Well, Danny, it appears nothing in this world is perfect but atheism in your mind. You can argument your point all day, but at the end of the day atheism will never be the popular position. I quoted my source for Norway, but like all your other data points you fail to give credible evidence which further marginalizes your argument about atheism. Atheists who spew hatred and lies will hurt their cause. In America, every religion has the right to exists as long as it does not attempt to overthrow the government of the US. My argument was and continues to be use truthful referenced facts instead regurgitating bias assumptions, and human logic is not logically or we would all be one voting the same and supporting the same government and positions like the BORG. Blaming our differences on religions background makes no sense. Even Christians don’t agree on some the basics of the Bible. For some Christians it is the inspired Word and for others it is the WORD of God. So, making an argument that religion is irrelevant because it is illogical is illogical in itself. No matter what the topic is why we don’t consider everyone’s point of reference and may the one with the most convincing argument win?

I won’t address each of your points but I will summarize what I read you to say:
- Basic instincts are preferable to the dogmas of religion, given that we do have the ability to evaluate things with logic, it makes sense that the only people who should even be allowed to reproduce are those who are financially stable and can provide the proper living conditions to raise offspring including limiting how many children a couple can have.
- Norway is Utopia because of the high percentage of Atheist
- Blacks are lower-class citizens raised in a state of brutality
- You were bullied around as a kid and Christian bullies were the worst
- The welfare system doesn't work. Look at it. It's not aid for the poor, but more of a reward system for laziness and irresponsible reproduction. And.
- Because people in the Bible break the Ten Commandants, God cannot be real.
“Most people in the Army and the Marines are the lowest common denominator and most often don't even graduate high school because they can't cut it.”

In my mind, you can’t say your family has genetic factors that if you reproduce the cost to society are too great. This was my point about Hitler not whether he was a Christian or not or whether he worshiped some ancient Germanic Gods, but rather he chose the survival of the fittest through the creation of a master race. So, taking your argument that you were bullied and are a member of a group of less than 1% of the US population, you obviously don’t fit in so the best course of action for a logical society would be to get rid of you as you are a threat to the stability of collective. Should we allow you to stay, you must be productive at any time we no longer your job instead of re-training you we get rid of you. When you turn XX or get hurt in an accident or have a mental illness, and are no longer a productive member of society we get rid of you. The government must close all religious buildings down because they promote alms to the poor and waste time on healing people. What a crazy world that would be when people become a one or a zero? I prefer the crazy world I live in, where ideas including religion are debated and the person we pick to be our leader is the best of the choices we have not the best. There is no such thing as the best leader. There are leaders best for the time and only from those available leaders who are willing to make the argument. For example, what would Winston Churchill do in today’s society and are today’s people the same?

As for the population of Norway, it is not 70% atheist and their wealth is from oil and they have a monolithic society. Now, that Norway is opening up its borders to immigrants, the numbers of hate crimes are increasing. So, I will agree to disagree on your utopian few of Atheism and Norway. The rest of world is not as wealthy as Norway and cannot rely on oil and gas to run their government. The rest of the world has to actually produce something besides a natural resource. One more food for thought, the Prime Minister of Norway, from 1997 to 2000 and 2001 to 2005 was a Norwegian Lutheran minister, Kjell Magne Bondevik. To bad, the US can’t elect a minister, maybe we could claim the US is better because the athesit put them into office. The reason you began to bring up Norway was because Norway is so great because of the high percentage of atheist. Here is my main point your view of the world is that Christian and all religion is bad but is is not shared with the majority and picking and choosing random facts does not pass the scientific argument of thesis and valid research, but it does pass the test for the blatant lies and deceptions that the US media does. So, maybe a career in the media or moving to Norway is in your future.

There are some many other things that you state which are false and trivial but I will take one last attempt to request you use truthful facts. I am very offended at your statement; “Most people in the Army and the Marines are the lowest common denominator and most often don't even graduate high school because they can't cut it.” It shows your ignorance and if I wasn’t a gentleman I would have some very derogative things to say about your ancestry and all the other inappropriate things us illogical humans say and do. In your logical world, you would use your karate and the more logical folks would bring a tank. See how your logical humans work, I really hope your believe system works out for you especially when you let some fine Soldiers and Marines know what you think about them. Rather, I will point a study that indicates members of the military are of the highest caliber. The report is by Shanea Watkins, Ph.D. and James Sherk dated August 21, 2008 and titled “ Who Serves in the U.S. Military? The Demographics of Enlisted Troops and Officers.” Specifically, they say “American soldiers are more educated than their peers. A little more than 1 percent of enlisted personnel lack a high school degree, compared to 21 percent of men 18–24 years old, and 95 percent of officer accessions have at least a bachelor’s degree.” And “The facts do not support the belief that many American soldiers volunteer because society offers them few other opportunities. The average enlisted person or officer could have had lucrative career opportunities in the private sector.”

There is no need to respond with your lies as your radical, illogical, uneducated opinion will remain in the fringe and you are no threat to my country or my God. However, I will continue to challenge you because I would hate for your misrepresentation of the truth to deceive anyone.
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