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Education Place Has K-8 resources for teachers, students, and parents. Includes Reading/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Intervention, Professional Development, Activities, Games, and Textbook Support.

Science Made Simple Kids learn science the easy, hands-on way with Science Made Simple. Get fun science projects & great experiments using household materials. Clear, detailed answers to children’s science questions. Science News. And more!

Yellowstone National Park The official kids' site of Yellowstone National Park. This site is for kids of all ages. Have fun with the animal alphabet book, coloring pages, puzzles, games, scavenger hunt, and much more!

Primary Games The fun place to learn! Makes learning fun, with cool games for language arts, science, math, and social studies. This site also includes an arcade, printable coloring pages, and crafts.

Game Aquarium "The site that swims with learning fun." And a splash it is! Find games by grade level: Pre-K to 2, 3-6+.

Spanish Dictionary Get help with your Spanish homework, or just look up words for fun! Look up the English word to see the Spanish translation, or look up the Spanish word to see the English translation.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus The title of this site speaks for itself. But Merriam-Webster OnLine offers more than just a Web-ster experience! Play their word games while you're looking up that tricky word to spell.

Fun Brain This site is so fun for the brain! Kids can find Arcade games to help them with math, just to have fun, and even arcades to play with their parents. There is Math Baseball, Bunny Count, and lots of math games. Search for games by grade level, too!

Education 4 Kids "Helping to develop the minds of the future." This site offers Drill Games for math, social studies, language, and science, and lots more!

Word Central Look up words (fast!) in the Student Dictionary! Better still: Build Your Own Dictionary! Stump your friends with today's Daily Buzzword!

Dictionary Reference Offers puzzles, help with grammar and style, dictionaries for other languages, tools to help with spelling and grammar, a translator and more!

The Math Playground Math Playground is a mathematics learning site for students in grades K - 6.  Practice your math skills, play a logic game and have fun!

The Beehive – Homework Help! This site offers kids homework help at the elementary, middle school, and high school age. It is organized by School Topics and Life Events.

Crayola Find coloring activites, arts & crafts, a card creator, the Crayola Store, and the Crayola Factory!

Kids Corner – Texas Department of State Health Services Offers Kids a special page, corner that is, for lots of activites: color online, puzzles & word finds, health links, and quizzes & guessing games.

Harry Potter. Enjoy lots of fun and interactive online games. Crossword puzzles, board games, much more all brought to you by lifesavers!

Candystand. Enjoy lots of fun and interactive online games. Crossword puzzles, board games, much more all brought to you by lifesavers!

Cyberkids. Arts, contests, games, music, chat and more! All in one very cool site!

Squigley's Jokes & Riddles. Jokes and riddles from kids around the world.

Cartoon Network. Enjoy lots of fun and interactive online games. Crossword puzzles, board games, much more all brought to you by lifesavers!

Wicked 4 Kids. Cool, interactive site for kids! Games, jokes, puzzles, quizzes, riddles and more!

Barbie. Official Barbie Doll website. Visit for yourself and have fun with activities and paper dolls.

Billy Bear's Playground. Fun and games, show and tell, clip art, story books and more!

Kids WB. Featuring MIB, Batman Beyond, Histeria, Pokémon, and more!

Sports Illustrated for Kids. Games, articles, and trivia - all about sports.

Kids Almanac. Homework center, sports, fun facts, science and more!

Disn ey. A fun place for children of all ages. Featuring daily crafts and fun. Check us out!

Maze Creator. Generate customized random mazes with solutions.

Little Explorers Picture Dictionary. Graphic dictionary for children.