Argentina native indicted for ‘bailout’ near McCoy

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José Anibal Giron was indicted by a Wilson County Grand Jury March 4 on charges involving the illegal transport of persons.

The charges stem from incidents that occurred in October 2021 in southwest Wilson County.

A red GMC pickup truck sped into the county on C.R. 541 and attempted to turn north onto F.M. 2505. The driver apparently failed to negotiate the turn, and the vehicle left the road and hit a house, which stopped its progress.

Texas Department of Public Safety highway patrol troopers detained the driver — Giron — and three of the truck’s occupants. Other occupants appeared injured and were transported to area hospitals. (See “Bailout follows crash near McCoy” in the Oct. 19, 2021, Wilson County News.)

At the time, Giron was charged with causing serious bodily injury to seven of the vehicle occupants, but this charge was later dropped.

Although District Attorney Audrey Louis of the 81st Judicial District cannot comment on this case while it is pending, she explained that this charge “requires a showing of substantial likelihood of serious bodily injury.”

“It is a legal standard that can only be determined by a statement from a medical expert,” Louis said. “Until we are provided that evidence, we have to go on the evidence provided to our office.”

The charges that remain against 24-year-old Giron include:

•Nine counts of smuggling of persons using a motor vehicle with intent to flee from a peace officer

•Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle

•Evading arrest or detention, with a previous conviction.

Notice of the indictment was addressed to Giron at the Wilson County Jail. However, according to a Wilson County Sheriff’s Office spokesman, a district judge ordered Giron’s release from custody.

Because authorities don’t know Giron’s whereabouts, he probably is unaware of his indictment — or the March 30 date scheduled for his arraignment on the charges against him.

If Giron does not appear in court for his arraignment, a warrant will be issued for his arrest.

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