Elmendorf man gets 15 years for trafficking of teen

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A man found in Elmendorf with a missing 14-year-old girl last year has been sentenced to 15 years in a Texas Department of Criminal Justice facility.

The girl had been missing from her home in San Antonio about three weeks when Elmendorf police received a report July 18, 2021, that she had been seen at a residence in the 200 block of East Second Street in Elmendorf.

According to Elmendorf police Chief Marco Peña, officers found Adrian Huizar, then 35, with the girl. Following an investigation, Elmendorf police arrested Huizar Nov. 9, 2021, and charged him with trafficking of persons and delivery of a controlled substance to a minor. (See “U.S. Marshals help Elmendorf police apprehend two fugitives” in the Nov. 17, 2021, Wilson County News.)

Huizar pleaded nolo contendere (no contest) to the trafficking charge Nov. 4 of this year in the 186th District Court in Bexar County prior to receiving his sentence.

Although the second charge against Huizar was dropped, it did factor in to the court’s ruling.

“Part of the elements of trafficking of a person is to cause the person to become intoxicated to the degree that they cannot resist in engaging in any conduct,” Elmendorf police Lt. Nicolas Juarez explained. “Therefore, the delivery of a controlled substance became part of the trafficking of a person [charge] which he pled out to.”