FELPS keeps the lights on in Wilson County

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If you’re a Wilson County resident waking to light and heat this morning, thank a lineman.

And thank the administration of the Floresville Electric Light & Power System, who creatively addressed the need for conservation and huge demand for power as severe winter storms put Texas in a deep freeze this week. With the Texas power grid straining and millions without power, many Wilson County residents served by FELPS continued to have electricity.

“We worked with some of our large consumers to power back, to help us try to maintain service for others on the system,” Chief Operating Officer Marcy Jacobs told the Wilson County News. It was a bold move. And it worked.

Other than a few outages since Feb. 14, when the extreme cold set in, FELPS has been able to continue service for most of its customers.

Customers, too, have been part of the solution, Jacobs said.

“People have responded to our requests to conserve power as much as possible; we’re all in this together.”

“We’re very thankful,” said FELPS customer Sharon Pike-Todd of La Vernia. “We were able to go get my mom from San Antonio and bring her out here, so she didn’t have to be without heat. It’s been a great blessing.”

Jacobs encourages power customers to continue conservation efforts as power is restored around the state.

When your power comes back on, try not to turn everything back on immediately. Wait about an hour, she said.

“This allows everyone to be switched on in sequence, and allows to ensure the restoration holds and the power stays on, Jacobs said.

Look for more on this story in a coming issue of the Wilson County News.