Get back to basics of common courtesy — put away those phones!

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Re: “Did we hear that right??? … no cell phones allowed?” Aug. 10.

I want to compliment you on the article you wrote about cell phones! As the “older generation” we have watched the lives of people deteriorate because everyone has their head in a cell phone. When we go out to eat, we see no interaction between parents and children or even friends that get together. Kids of all ages — even young ones — have their heads buried in their phone. Parents are scrolling madly and no one talks other than to order their food. It is truly discouraging to see this behavior and the lack of emotional bonds forming in families.

Maybe the restaurant owner at Caterina’s is on to something and we might see a new and upcoming trend? One can only hope.

Being a retired teacher, I would dearly love to see schools go back to restricting the use of phones during school hours. They can make exceptions if the phone is used at the teacher’s request to do some research, otherwise, they really have no business being used during class time.

Many wrecks can also be avoided if phones are totally banned while driving. Most cities have now implemented this rule, but you and I both know that on major highways, phones are being used and wrecks are happening because of them!

Congratulations on an article well written!