Long live the king: Rush Limbaugh

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The “king of all media” has passed. The passing last week of Rush Limbaugh, a conservative icon, was a sorrowful day for conservatives. Though not unexpected due to his battle with lung cancer, it is a loss very much felt in the conservative community.
The brilliance of Rush Limbaugh was the ability to cut through the clutter and speak directly to the folks. He saw through the many liberal smokescreens and reliably predicted their strategies, explained their motives, and exposed their hypocrisies. All while educating, informing, and entertaining his listening audience, throwing in bits of humor along the way.
One of Rush’s greatest talents was the ability to explain ever so succinctly the great divide between conservatism and liberalism. Rush explained that when conservatives see a group of people, they see Americans, ordinary people capable of extraordinary things, if just government would get out of the way. Conservatives believe in people and their ability to be as great as they want to be.
Liberals tend to see people in groups: black, white, gay, Hispanic, women, trans, etc., that can be divided and exploited, all in a quest for power over these same groups. Liberals see victims and believe government is the only way these victims can be saved. Liberals believe in government and its power over people, conservatives believe in the power of the people. (I suggest everyone see Rush’s CPAC speech in 2009 to get a fuller explanation of what I write.) A very simple comparative analysis, that when you think about it, is never more evident than what is playing out before our eyes this very moment.
Rush’s keen insights and ability to impart them on his audience was, as he liked to say, done with “talent on loan from God.” That loan has now come due.
The king is dead. Long live the king. FRED OHNESORGE