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Wilson County Emergency Services District 1

(Northeastern Wilson County)

Meeting: Regular meeting, Nov. 11, 9:32 a.m.


•Minutes from Oct. 14 meeting, and district financials

•Approved to allow retirees to have access, at their expense, to the District 1 Fire & Rescue health insurance plan until age 65; this is approved by House Bill 2171, and there is no cost to the district

•Held an executive session to discuss personnel matters; no action was taken on reconvening into open meeting

•Tabled discussion and action on station maintenance until the December meeting.

Discussed, no action:

•Heard that board Secretary Jim Burdette will not seek reappointment when his term ends in the new year; Monica Salinas has been approved by Wilson County Pct. 1 Commissioner Jeffery Pierdolla and will be appointed by county commissioners at an upcoming meeting. Board Assistant Treasurer Gary Ullmann and Vice President Quinten Kiolbassa will be reappointed at that time.

•Heard reports from District 1 Fire & Rescue Chief Chris Thompson on monthly runs and training; District 1 responded to 143 calls in October.

In attendance: Board President Mike Trainer, Assistant Treasurer Gary Ullmann, and Secretary Jim Burdette in person, with Treasurer George Jones attending by phone; District 1 Fire & Rescue Chief Chris Thompson, Office Administrator Cindy Stafford, and accountant Tom Dupnick.

Information per Chris Thompson.

Floresville 4A Corp.

Meeting: Regular meeting, Nov. 17, 6:04-7:35 p.m.


•Approved a one-year contract with TNT Sports for the use of Lauro G. De Leon III Floresville Event Center facilities for youth programs

•Approved increasing required damage deposits for use of the event center and the Scott Gleeson Roping Arena

•Approved requesting the city of Floresville to hire a part-time employee to serve as a venue coordinator, subject to available funding by the city.

Discussion, no action:

•Discussed upcoming events, tenant issues and leases, and adjusting prices to offer customers more options.

In attendance: Corporation President Bill Gleeson, Secretary Kristopher Kirkley, and board member Morgan Mitchell; Floresville Facilities and Events Manager Diana Hernandez, and corporation counsel Tom Caldwell.

Per Floresville 4A Corp. counsel Tom Caldwell.

Wilson County Emergency Services District 5

(Central and western Wilson County, including Floresville)

Meeting: Regular meeting, Nov. 15, 6:08-7:43 p.m.


•Approved a contract with Armstrong, Vaughan & Associates to conduct an external audit of the district’s finances

•Reviewed and approved paying 12 invoices submitted for payment and ratified 54 invoices or debit transactions already paid

•Approved the purchase of four hand-held radios for $44,000

•Approved entering into a contract submitted by North Star Elite Construction, pending approval of financing, for station quarters improvements

•Approved conducting a performance of review of the fire and rescue chief at the board’s December meeting

•Approved going forward with a sales-tax election in May.

In attendance: Commission President Jeff Oltjendiers, Secretary Lino Arocha (by phone), Treasurer Walter Yates, and Assistant Treasurer Donald Scee; fire and rescue Chief Adam Strzelczyk, district auditor Brenda Treviño, and board counsel Tom Caldwell.

Information per board counsel Tom Caldwell.

La Vernia Independent School District

Meeting: Regular meeting, Nov. 14, 6:30 p.m.


•Approved a Sports Booster Club donation of an LED video wall for Gym Two, for the primary purpose of attracting and showcasing advertisers and sponsors; the total cost of the project is just under $43,000

•Accepted a PTO donation to the intermediate campus of $65,000, which will be used to purchase Chrome Books, add artificial turf to the playground, provide window tinting, and make other campus improvements

•Approved a change to long-term substitute teacher and paraprofessional pay rates

•Updated the job description for the Coordinator of Innovative Instruction & Digital Communication position.

Discussed, no action:

•Learned about the current professional development plan/policy for continuing education hours required for teachers and staff

•Reviewed a custodial supplies contract

•Received the 2021-22 professional financial audit from Armstrong, Vaughan and Associates

•Discussed a presentation on the possibility of the district changing to a four-day school week schedule

•Received a report on the district’s monthly finances, which illustrated the improving budget

•Reviewed the district investment policy, but made no changes

•Recognized the La Vernia Intermediate School Spanish Spelling Bee winners and varsity cross country team members; parents of both groups were in attendance.

In attendance: Board President Nancy Janysek, Vice President Shawn Strey, Secretary Drew Herley, and trustees Joey Goode, Ryan Doege, Jeff Towns, and Jimmy McFadin; Superintendent Hensley Cone, intermediate Principal Brandi Hanselka, Athletic Director Brad Molder, Chief Instructional Officer Dr. Helen Whisenhunt, Chief Administrative Officer Dr. Michael Duffek, Director of Human Resources Natalie Farber, Director of Operations Michael Wallace, Texas School Finance representative Lance Terrell, and CPA Phil Vaughan of Armstrong, Vaughan & Associates.

Wilson County Memorial Hospital District

Meeting: Regular meeting, Nov. 17, 6-7:16 p.m.; executive session, 7:07-7:12 p.m.


•Approved insurance renewals for the district, up to $167,000

•Approved a physician agreement with Edwin Morales, M.D., urology

•Approved capital expenses of $17,000 to Karl Storz for a laryngoscope; $26,000 to Coast to Coast Healthcare for x-ray equipment at the La Vernia site; and $49,000 to Opiela for a new lift pump station

•Approved medical staff credentials, after discussing them in executive session.

Discussed, no action:

•Heard the annual human resources report for 2022 from Human Resources Director Nupe Sandoval regarding Connally Memorial Medical Center’s workforce, including top employers in Wilson County, pay and pay updates, employee demographics, recruiting efforts, and more

•Heard the patient service center and clinic patient experience reports for 2022’s third quarter from Health Centers Executive Director Olivia Flores

•Heard a patient experience report for 2022’s first, second, and third quarters from Chief Nursing Officer Gary Williams.

In attendance: Hospital board President Tom Miller, Vice President Allison Lamberth, and members Steve Browning, Donald Finley, Nicholas Janysek, Bonna Reed, and Larry Richardson; hospital Chief Executive Officer Bob Gillespie, Chief Operating Officer Brandon McDowell, Chief Financial Officer Kyle Klein, Chief Nursing Officer Gary Williams, Health Centers Executive Director Olivia Flores, Executive Assistant Kimberly Jones, Human Resources Director Arnulfo “Nupe” Sandoval, and Endeavor Healthcare Chief Executive Officer Karl Hittle.

Floresville Economic Development Corp.

Meeting: Regular meeting, Nov. 14, 6-9:12 p.m.; executive session, 6:55-8:40 p.m.


•Approved an organizational chart for the corporation

•Authorized Executive Director Ben Reed to direct EMC Strategy Group LLC to collaborate with the city of Floresville and the Floresville city manager to apply for a U.S. Department of Agriculture grant to finance a sewer line project for the Floresville Business Park on Business U.S. 181 and related engineering and environmental reports and reviews as required

•Authorized the executive director to direct EMC Strategy Group LLC to work with the city and the city manager to apply for a different U.S. Department of Agriculture grant to finance the sewer line project

•Approved lighting for a Christmas parade float at a cost not to exceed $300

•Directed the executive director to pursue negotiations regarding real estate property, as discussed in executive session

•Approved an extension of the executive director’s contract through Sept. 30, 2026, with an annual salary of $90,000, and approved a Christmas bonus of $2,000 each to the executive director and his assistant, following the executive session.

In attendance: President Ray Lamberth, Vice President Liana Martinez, Treasurer Roy Idrach, Secretary Randy Bruett, and members David Del Bosque and Donald Scee; Executive Director Ben Reed, Executive Assistant Charlotte Ximenez-Nelson, City Manager Andy Joslin, and City Attorney Sylvia Rodriguez.

Poth Independent School District

Meeting: Regular meeting, Nov. 16, 7-8:25 p.m.


•Accepted the district’s 2021-22 Financial Audit and Compliance Report from Lovvorn & Kieschnick, LLP, as presented pre- by Michael Kieschnick, CPA

•Approved a resolution for the district to cover certain expenses incurred by a district dis- employee who was injured at work on district property; an employee was electrocuted by a faulty outlet, which damaged her wedding ring

•Approved the ranking of three design-build firms for elementary school renovations as presented by Casey Sledge of Sledge Engineering; Sledge Engineering has contracted with the district to assist in developing a long-range strategic facility plan over the next few months

•Approved a budget amendment that includes an increase of $75,000 each to the Foundation School Program and the Facilities Acquisition and Construction accounts to be used to cover professional design and planning services for Phase 1 of the elementary school renovations.

Discussion, no action:

•Heard a report from Special Education Director Lori Spencer on working with LEADS (Leaders and Educators Addressing Disproportionality in Special Education); the district has been identified as having a significant disproportionality in Hispanic students receiving special services and support.

In attendance: Trustees Clint Garza, Scott Lyssy, Les Miller, Heidi Noll, and Jason Smolka; Superintendent Ashley Chohlis, Chief Financial Officer Braden Lyssy, Payroll/Human Resources Terrie Urbanczyk, elementary school Principal Stacie Davis, junior high school Principal Amy Graeber, high school Principal Laura Kroll, Special Education Director Lori Spencer, and Technical Director Max Calhoun.

Stockdale Independent School District

Meeting: Regular meeting, Nov. 14, 6:30-7:40 p.m.


•Approved the plan details of a fencing project for campus security and the acceptance of a $50,000 anonymous donation toward the project; the board will work to secure additional donations should the cost prove to be higher

•Approved the 2022-23 District Improvement Plan as presented

•Approved the 2022-23 Performance Objectives as presented

•Approved amendments to the 2022-23 District of Innovation Plan as presented; the changes are to the SHAC (School Health Advisory Committee) to streamline the membership requirements

•Approved to add language to the FFAC Local Policy regarding Wellness and Health Services-Medical Treatment for administration of an opioid antagonist medication that counters the effects of an opioid overdose.

In attendance: Board Vice President Tanner Voelkel and trustees Blaine Akin, Teri Dugi, Sherry Lambeck, Mauro Monita, and Sal “CJ” Urrabazo III; Superintendent Todd Deaver, Business Manager Becky Stewart, and community members Jeff Sekula and Rueben Johnson.

Information per Rena Mills.

Floresville Independent School District

Meeting: Regular meeting, Nov. 15, 6:30-7:57 p.m.; executive session, 7:19-7:56 p.m.


•Heard public comments from Samantha Williams and Jill Stark regarding alleged treatment of Williams’ children in school

•Approved the canvassing of the votes in the 2022 school board election and swore in new board member Craig Mutz, who replaces Alena Berlanga for single-member district 6; and Bonna Reed, who was unopposed for re-election. (See related photo on page 2A.)

•Elected Joel Odom president, Liana Martinez vice president, Bonna Reed secretary, and Jason Svoboda treasurer of the school board

•Heard a presentation on the Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas evaluation of the school district, which analyzed district financial data for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2020, and ending June 30, 2021; the district earned 92 out of a possible 100 points, based on 20 indicators

•Approved standard operating procedures for the school board.

•Adopted local board policy updates, following an executive session to consider legal issues pertaining to the updates.

In attendance: Board President Joel Odom and trustees Liana Martinez, Craig Mutz, Bonna Reed, Stephen Shodrock, and Jason Svoboda; district Superintendent Jason Gilstrap, Assistant Superintendent Rhonda Wade, Executive Director Michael Schroller, Finance Director Linnci Angle, and Business Office Specialist Sandra Tackitt.

La Vernia City Council

Meeting: Regular meeting, Nov. 17, 6:30-7:52 p.m., executive session 7:13-7:49 p.m.


•Approved to proceed with creating a plan to install isolation valves to improve the city’s water infrastructure system; Public Works Department staff will present more information at a future meeting

•Approved to increase the amount previously approved to purchase a new public works vehicle from $30,000 to $45,000, and obtain three bids prior to the purchase

•Consented to continued discussions between the city and La Vernia Little League, to update the city’s ordinance regarding baseball field usage and maintenance in the city park

•Tabled action on adopting a plan for emergency infrastructure incidents, pending more information

•Approved to award a bank contract with Wells Fargo

•Approved to amend the fiscal year fee schedule for Waste Connections; fees will go up by 5 percent, except senior rates, which will increase by only a few cents

•Approved, following closed-session discussion, to direct the city administrator “to continue as discussed” regarding legal matters and selection of a new chief of police. (See more, page 14A.)

Discussed, no action:

•Heard, during public comments, from Kevin and Shanna Louis, regarding their request to install a beverage vending machine in the La Vernia City Park; the city had vetoed the plan during the council’s Oct. 20 meeting. Council encouraged them to resubmit, according to city parameters, for future consideration

•Read a proclamation from the National Society, Daughter of the American Revolution, Susanna Dickinson Chapter, declaring November as National Native American Heritage Month.

In attendance: Mayor Martin Poore and council members Amanda Hutchinson, Garrett Rabel, Gary Gilbert, and Justin Oates; City Administrator Yvonne Griffin, City Secretary Lindsey Boyd Wheeler, Public Works employees Tyler Helgeson and Scott Rolff; and La Vernia police Sgt. Donald Keil.