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Poth City Council

Meeting: Regular meeting, Nov. 21, 7-7:56 p.m.


•Passed a resolution approving the sale of $13.5 million in revenue bonds by Floresville Electric Light & Power System for capital improvements, including a new substation transformer and additional service vehicles

•Approved the purchase of official Neighborhood Watch signs in support of any city residents who wish to organize crime-prevention programs for their neighborhoods

•Approved contracting with Langford Community Management Services for administrative services in preparing the city’s Texas Community Development Block Grant application and, if funded, subsequent administrative services; the grant is for $500,000, making the cost to the city $50,000

•Approved an amendment to the traffic ordinance codifying the daily street closure to through traffic on Dickson Street; on school days between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m., the street will be closed starting at the crosswalk between the junior high and high schools, extending to Chambers Street, with appropriate barricades in place

•Approved repealing a current city ordinance that prohibits the discharge of firearms within the city limits by anyone other than law enforcement, replacing it with a new one that also exempts members of the Poth Future Farmers of America (FFA) skeet shooting club, as well as use of firearms at a sport shooting range

•Approved the establishment and opening of a public street designated as Creek Street; the street is near Mesquite and Klecka streets.

Discussion, no action:

•Heard from resident Glen Mabe on establishing a disaster preparedness plan for the city; Mabe will contact City Secretary Rose Huizar about scheduling a workshop for the council.

In attendance: Mayor Chrystal Eckel, Mayor pro tem Steven Wiatrek; council members Paul Martinez, Lex Poth, and Ronald Weimer; City Secretary Rose Huizar, City Engineer Dean Bayer, Municipal Court Judge Sara Canady, and Public Works Director Kenneth “Buck” Griffin; FELPS Chief Executive Officer Mark Crowson, FELPS Chief Financial Officer Marcy Jacobs, Dustin Traylor and Stephanie Leibe of RBC Capital Markets, and members of the public Glen Mabe, Liz Saldana, Byron Pfeifer, and Russell King.

Wilson County Emergency Services District 4

(Central and western Wilson County, including Floresville and Poth)

Meeting:: Regular meeting, Nov. 22, 6:03-7:18 p.m.


•Authorized payment of 19 bills presented for payment and ratified three payments and 30 debit purchases already al- paid

•Approved contracting for a 2-yard dumpster with Tiger Sanitation of San Antonio to service the Cañada Verde EMS station at a cost of $120 per month and a $400 start-up fee

•Tabled action on acquiring a new command vehicle until an inspection and evaluation of the current command vehicle is completed

•Agreed to hold a workshop Nov. 28 at the Floresville station for board members to participate in a webinar on legislation relating to emergency services districts

•Agreed to hold a workshop Nov. 29 at the Floresville station for board members to meet with a representative of Touchstone District Services, which specializes in messaging for tax initiatives

Discussion, no action:

•Discussed possible changes to the board membership, as Bill Gleeson, Sherri Demmer, and Anthony Flores near the end of their terms, at which time Wilson County commissioners will reappoint or replace members; Kenneth “Buck” Griffin, although elected as county Pct. 2 justice of the peace, can continue to serve on the ESD board, according to general counsel Tom Caldwell.

In attendance: Commission President Bill Gleeson, Secretary Kenneth “Buck” Griffin, and Assistant Treasurer Anthony Flores; district EMS Director David Adams, Assistant Director Carina McFarland, Training Captain William Miles, general counsel Tom Caldwell, and auditor Brenda Treviño.

Wilson County Commissioners

Meeting: Regular meeting, Nov. 28, 9-9:31 a.m.


•Approved lifting a countywide burn ban that had been in effect since Sept. 26

•Approved a project led by the Trail De Flores Chapter of the El Camino Real de los Tejas National Historic Trail Association to plant crape myrtles and cenizas by the historical markers near the county courthouse

•Scheduled a public hearing Dec. 27 on designating C.R. 104 and C.R. 105 as no thru truck roads

•Re-appointed Gary Ullman and Quinten Kiolbassa to the Wilson County Emergency Services District (ESD) 1 board of commissioners

•Re-appointed Bill Gleeson, Sherrilee Demmer, and Anthony Flores to the Wilson County ESD 4 board of commissioners

•Accepted the resignations of Jim Burdette from Wilson County ESD 1, Camilla Kelly Hawkins from ESD 2, and Walter Yates from ESD 5

•Accepted a supplemental award of $106,546.30 to an Operation Lone Star Grant of $411,567.38 to the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office for two officers assigned to border security duties; the supplement offsets expenses for license-plate readers, fuel, and overtime pay

•Approved payment by the county of bills totaling $214,266.95.

In attendance: County Judge Richard L. “Dickie” Jackson and commissioners Gary Martin, Paul Pfeil, Jeffery Pierdolla, and Larry Wiley; County Sheriff Jim Stewart, County Clerk Eva Martinez, County Auditor Brenda Treviño, County Fire Marshal Edwin Baker, and Human Resource Specialist Jalyn Bodiford.