Protect the innocent, secure our school grounds

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After every mass shooting there is the same hyperpartisan screech — ban guns and confiscate them all! This hot air is ineffective and prevents real solutions from being considered.

The Second Amendment protects good citizens from the bully-and-brainwash tyranny of an out-of-control left leadership.

Gun-free school zones are obviously not gun free. A teacher with a .380 compact cannot stop an intruder in body armor carrying an AR package. Once inside, the shooter owns the building — so he must not be allowed in.

Here is some sandhill philosophy about the mental health thing: Anybody who would shoot up a room full of innocents is crazy.

Why can’t Nancy Pelosi deploy the National Guard to protect our children from real threats? Hard decisions must be made right now. Any plan takes time to implement, and time is short.

Film footage after every mass shooting shows the entire area flooded with heavily armed people. Wouldn’t it make sense to display this kind of hardware and high power before the shooting starts?