Star Parker’s lack of faith in Blacks is insulting

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Re: “Why did Black Georgians vote for Raphael Warnock?” Dec. 21.

Every time I read Star Parker’s writings, I am reminded of that old saying: “With friends like you, who needs enemies?” Every time is a lot of times since Star has been this paper’s conservative flag bearer for quite a few years. What do I mean by this?

It seems to me that, in most of her articles, she finds a way to put down Blacks. It seems to me that she believes that she, and she alone, knows what is good for Blacks and/or how they should believe and how they should act. She acts as if, because she is Black, that makes her an authority on what they should believe or do. What gallery is she playing to? By the way, the punishment for so-called original sin is death, not work. Maybe in her world work equates to death! In mine, work is a healthy contribution toward a good life.

Now here she is, insinuating that Georgia Blacks don’t know what they are doing. What an insult! As always, she comes up with these metrics and authorities (who can’t come up with an authority to prove almost anything you want?).

Why ask anyone other than those who voted for Warnock? The answer is right in front of her eyes. According to her, 90 percent of the Georgia Black electorate voted for Warnock. Just maybe he is satisfying their needs! He has been there long enough to prove that. Is her faith in Black’s ability to think and judge that fragile?