Your voice counts: Register to vote by Jan. 31

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The deadline is Monday, Jan. 31, to be registered to vote in the March 1 Democratic and Republican party primaries.

Some voters in Karnes County who believe they’re registered to vote haven’t received their voter registration cards yet, and are concerned.

“I called our county elections office, and they said it was because of redistricting,” Dorisann Eckols told the Wilson County News.

Voters in Wilson County should already have received their voter registration cards, said Elections Administrator Olga Marrero.

“… they were mailed the first week in January,” she advised.

New districts for Karnes County, prompted by the 2020 U.S. Census, were only recently submitted to the state, which has caused a delay in voter registration confirmation.

If you’re not registered to vote and plan to cast a ballot in the primaries, it’s not too late.

Get registered

Voter registration applications are available at many public libraries, county elections offices, and high schools, and at the Wilson County News office in downtown Floresville. The application also is available online, at vrapp. This can be printed, signed, and sent to your county voter registrar.

To be eligible to vote in Texas, you must be:

•A U.S. citizen

•A resident of the county where you submit the application

•At least 17 years and 10 months old when you submit the application

•Not finally convicted of a felony

•Not declared by a court to be either totally or partially mentally incapacitated.

“Your voice counts, and your choices in the March 1st Primary Election will determine who appears on your General Election ballot in November,” said Texas Secretary of State John Scott.

If you haven’t already registered, don’t wait, Scott urged.

Visit by Monday, Jan. 31, to file your application.

Voting by mail

If you plan to cast a mail-in ballot in the March 1 party primaries, the last date to apply for a ballot by mail is Friday, Feb. 18.

The application process has changed some, however.

“… each individual has to ask for their own application,” said Wilson County Elections Administrator Olga Marrero. “ For example, if you call and ask for one, you cannot ask for one for your husband.”

Also, applications for mail-in ballots must include the applicant’s Texas driver license or state ID number, and social security number, Marrero said. These must match what the elections office has on record for the person applying for a ballot by mail.

For questions regarding mail-in ballots or voter registration, call Marrero at 830-393-7380.