Judge OKs Miller to serve

Updated posted at 6:45 pm 12/11/15 Councilman Jim Miller, ousted Dec. 10 from his council seat by a vote of his fellow council members, can continue to serve in that capacity, according to a ruling from the 218th Judicial District Court issued today. Miller sought and was granted a temporary restraining order against the city council of the city of […]

Grimm’s Musings: What HYPOCRITES!

Well, I fit that description…and so do you! Ain’t none of us as we want to be or project to be. We talk about how tragic the way we treated the Native Americans making the USA but I have yet to meet anyone willing give back their pampered lawns or their government subside housing… Ain’t we just the hypocrites? And […]

File by Dec. 14 for March 1 primary

A number of candidates already have announced their intent to run for office in the state primary, including candidates for state senate District 21, district attorney, Wilson County sheriff, and precinct constables. Those planning to seek public office have until Monday, Dec. 14, to file to appear on the March 1 primary ballot. It’s apparent by the number of television […]

Local rainfall report

Unofficial rainfall report for Dec. 7-13: ADKINS •Jupe Mills 1+” BANDERA •George Barnett 0.8” DENHAWKEN •Triple K Farm 0.8” DEWEES •Frances Raabe 1” •Schneider’s Store 0.5” EAGLE CREEK •Willie Wiatrek 0.9” ELMENDORF •Archie Wiatrek 0.9” •Will Waclawczyk 0.9” •Frank Marquez 0.75″ FLORESVILLE •Erwin Wahl 2.25” •Juan Guana 0.75’ GRAYTOWN •Suzanne Rutan 1.5” GREENWAY •Noel White 0.8″ HARMONY •Joe Dragon 0.75” […]

Floresville City Council Dec. 14 meeting video

Letter: Life defined

Editor: Life can be defined in various ways. A cell in a petri dish that is dividing and multiplying is said to be alive, yet it cannot survive by itself. It must be furnished with the nutrition and stimulants such as hormones to multiply. A seed of a plant can stay alive for a long time, even after being frozen […]

Editorial: College campuses experience resurgence of intolerance

Storm trooper tactics by bands of college students making ideological demands across the country, and immediate preemptive surrender by college administrators — such as at the University of Missouri recently — bring back memories of the 1960s, for those of us old enough to remember what it was like being there, and seeing first-hand how painful events unfolded. At Harvard, […]

Editorial: Trump is right: Shut U.S. borders to Muslims

As a guest Dec. 7 at KWEX Univision channel 41 in San Antonio, I was asked to do a quick interview about Don Trump’s comment to stop Muslim immigration to the United States. I was invited to comment, not as a Trump supporter, but as a conservative commentator and activist. I told them we must stop illegal immigration and control […]

Editorial: Share the joy of the Christmas season without offending

“Jesus brought hope and peace to his world, and he continues to bring the same to ours. Getting back to the beginning of the life of Jesus can bring back some of the joy and innocence of childhood and remind us that a tiny faith can blossom into something much greater.” — Pope Francis ’Tis the season … not just […]

Connally to celebrate award

Connally Memorial Medical Center invites the community to join them as they celebrate receiving the prestigious Stroke Award on Thursday, Dec. 17, at 1 p.m. Interested attendees will gather in the large conference room at the hospital at 499 10th St. (U.S. 181) in Floresville to hear guest speakers and enjoy lunch. To reserve your spot, contact Kim Browning at […]