January 2016 Gardening Calendar

This is an occasional column available to all users. Watch for Calvin Finch’s weekly column, South Texas Gardener, every week in the Wilson County News. Subscribe today! mywcn.com/subscribe If your landscape needs one or more shade trees, now is the time to plant them. Planting trees and shrubs in the winter gives them time to develop a root system before […]

Gardening Q&A: On planting rose bushes and fruit trees

Q: I recently removed some Red Tip Photinia and would like to plant at least one rose bush in the same area. What is your very favorite rose? A: I change with time, but right now my favorite rose is a little dark green compact bush with dark red blooms called Martha Gonzales. This bush is a china rose and […]

Grimm’s Musings: Making it happen

As a youngster I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to do what I wanted. Those years under Dad and Mother’s authority and guidance I was told what I wanted because they wanted what was best for me before I knew what was best. The opportunities to learn throughout my “formative years” and their prayers were to get me […]

Local rain reports

Unofficial rainfall totals: Dec. 29-Jan. 4 rains ADKINS •Jupe Mills 1.75” BANDERA •George Barnet 0.75” BLACK HILL COMM. •George Zidek 2” DENHAWKEN •Triple K Farm 1” DEWEES •Frances Raabe 3” •Alene Pawelek 2” •Alton Moczygemba 2.5” EAGLE CREEK •Willie Wiatrek 1.8” ELMENDORF •Susan Marquez 2.5” •Archie Wiatrek 1.5” •Will Waclawczyk 1.5” FAIRVIEW •Ray Farm 2” FLORESVILLE •Erwin Wahl 0.75” •Juan […]

Deadline to file for ballot in City of Floresville election

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Texas politicians respond to President’s plan to fight gun violence

Press release from Sen. Cornyn’s office President Barack Obama on Tuesday urged the country and congress to tackle gun violence with more urgency, saying that executive actions won’t undo the last mass shooting but can help stop the next one. “We do have to feel a sense of urgency about it,” the president said. “People are dying and the constant […]

Letter: Will global warming be reversed?

Editor: In spite of all the hoopla and hyperbole raised by the Obama administration, the news media, and the ultra-liberal eggheads of academic, the Paris conference to halt global warming could only arrive at a non-binding agreement that all nations should accept. You can bet your last dollar that China and India will not agree to reduce carbon dioxide emissions […]

Letter: Changing our diet for the New Year

Editor: Once again, it’s time for New Year’s resolutions, particularly those to improve our diet and exercise routine. Although gun violence and traffic accidents remain the leading causes of death among young people, the most dangerous weapon for the rest of us is still our fork. Well over a million of us are killed each year by high blood pressure, […]

Letter: Citizens need to be aware of rules before signing on the dotted line

Editor: It’s interesting how your paper and supporters address the removal of Mr. Miller in ways that appear to skirt the real issue: Is he a Floresville resident as required in the city charter? In your Dec. 30 article, “Floresville council orders special election,” you report the council’s vote to declare his seat vacant as “… a move a district […]

Editorial: Remembering or attempting to forget 2015 lies, lows

How shall we remember 2015? Or shall we try to forget it? It is always hard to know when a turning point has been reached, and usually it is long afterwards before we recognize it. However, if 2015 has been a turning point, it may well have marked a turn in a downward direction for America and for Western civilization. […]