Grimm’s Musings: Flawed

Most of us as children from previous generations were weekly attenders in Sunday school, Church, some type of a Catechism (structured or unstructured) and yearly devotees in Vacation Bible School. Even at our public schools the same ethical principles presented at Church were expected and reinforced. Our parents, the Churches and Public Schools did their best to get into us […]

DPS Bolsters School Bus Safety Efforts

AUSTIN – In conjunction with National School Bus Safety Week (Oct. 17-21), the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is urging drivers to comply with laws prohibiting the passing of school buses. During this period, DPS Highway Patrol troopers will be watching for drivers who violate the law and taking the appropriate enforcement action. It is illegal to pass any […]

San Antonio seeks help to find missing person

(San Antonio) Missing Person Name: Arnulfo Flores DOB: 2/7/1941 Height: 6’00” Weight: 188 lbs. Eyes: Brown Hair: White The San Antonio Police Department is asking for your help in locating Arnulfo Flores, he is currently under a doctor’s care and requires medication. He was last seen at the 300 block of Bushy Drive on October 13, 2016. If you have […]

One Opinion: The making of the first woman president

While we continue to be bombarded by outrageous accusations undoubtedly promoted by the Clinton camp, the simultaneous release of Hillary Clinton’s emails by WikiLeaks prove what some of us have instinctively known all along. The major media are fully in the tank for the progressive party and its nominee. They will have the first woman president in their party, and […]

Local rainfall totals

Unofficial rainfall reports: Oct. 10-16 ADKINS •Jupe Mills 0 DEWEES •Alene Pawelek 0” ELMENDORF •Archie Wiatrek 0” FLORESVILLE •Jeffery Legere trace GOLIAD •Brian Yanta 0” GRAYTOWN •Suzanne Deuvall Rutan 0” KOSCIUSKO •Ervin Laskowski 0.2” LA VERNIA •H.C. Sutherland 0” LABATT •Bennie Roemer 0” PLEASANTON •Gary West 0” POTH •Albert Faktor 0.25” •Ben Laskowski 0.63” SAN ANTONIO •Jim Lamberth 0” SAYERS […]

Letter: Clinton or Trump?

Editor: The vote you cast in the November 2016 presidential election will be, beyond all doubt, the most awesomely important vote you will cast in your lifetime. You will either choose Donald Trump, who will restore our freedoms, our opportunities, and return our government to one based upon the Constitution — not one based on the whims and lawlessness of […]

Letter: Republicans are own worst enemy

Editor: Let me start with the Republican Party. In all my years, I have never seen such a pansy-faced bunch of legislators and wannabes. When this nonsense started, there were 16 politicians to one outside businessman. With a total of 17 running for the party’s nomination, one by one, they either dropped out or were voted out. Voters were sending […]

Letter: Clinton acts, Trump talks; you decide

Editor: The hypocritical biased mainstream media are hyper over Trump’s sexist comments, which were surreptitiously taped. But … they conveniently ignore that FBI agents are alleging White House interference in the Hillary e-mail scandal. They ignore that Bill Clinton didn’t talk about groping women, but actually groped women. They ignore that Hillary is now on record that she believes in […]

Editorial: Freedom, not ‘free stuff’

No welfare state has ever succeeded. Don’t take my word for it. Read history. Why would this be so? Because at some point the workers will quit working so they can stand in line for the free stuff. Going back to Jamestown, one of the first American settlements, they discovered this after the first winter. More people were standing in […]

Editorial: Our choices — our fault

All over social media, I keep hearing how terrible our choices are in this year’s election. We didn’t get here in a vacuum. For decades the Republican rank-and-file has allowed themselves to be treated as “pins on a map” — as cogs in a machine that sold itself out to progressivism because it is far easier to do the expedient […]