A Big ‘IF’ — Can the US Sustain the International Order?

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We don’t often think that how the US conducts itself at home has much impact on how we face the world, but it does. When it’s messy at home, it’s hard to sustain the strength and readiness to turn our attention outward. Doing so is especially important right now because what we’ve come to term “the international order” is under […]

Three brothers left for war, only two returned home

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On Memorial Day we remember and honor that one brother who gave his all for his country. Augustine “Augie” Leonardi, 1918-1944 To paraphrase Gen. Douglas MacArthur, I do not know the dignity of my great uncle’s birth, but I know the glory of his death. My great uncle Augustine Leonardi was born in Pueblo, Colorado on August 4, 1918, far […]

Not A Joke: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Giving Interviews Only To Journalists Of Color

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When I read the headline from the Daily Caller, “Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Giving Interviews Only To Journalists Of Color” I was sure it was a joke. No elected official could possibly be crazy enough to grant interviews based on skin color. False. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is just that nuts. According to Daily Caller contributor Nicole Silverio, Democratic Chicago […]