Did Texas lege help during COVID?

Small business, the engine that drives this state’s economy, came out of this year’s state legislature OK — not great, not awful — but OK. Fair to middlin’. Ordinarily, “OK” would be good enough, but this wasn’t an ordinary year. 2020 and early 2021 gave us a pandemic, the sudden collapse of the state’s economy, and a late-winter storm that […]

Texas Governor’s Tough Talk Runs Into Local Resistance

Lifting the hopes of beleaguered border residents, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott pledged to use state law enforcement officers to arrest illegal aliens pouring into the state. But Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, a fellow Republican, raised serious doubts about how, or even if, migrants might be prosecuted. Under Texas law, county district attorneys have sole discretion on criminal prosecutions in their jurisdictions, Paxton […]

Media lies: Trump Did Not Order Protesters Driven From Park in 2020, Report Finds

CV NEWS FEED // An Interior Department Inspector General report this week debunked a longstanding claim that police forces cleared protesters to make way for President Donald Trump as he walked to the historic St. John’s Church in June 2020. Trump went to the church on foot in what seemed to be a spontaneous gesture of solidarity with American Christians […]