Bad Jokes and Slapping People

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In a civil, polite society we shouldn’t run around slapping comedians, politicians, radio or television personalities, or musical performers. The list goes on and includes everyone. Will Smith’s stunt of slapping comedian Chri Rock at the 2022 Oscars was a bad idea. It was only by the grace of God and mainly the grace of Chris Rock that Smith was […]

‘Citizens First’ Proposal to Discourage & Stop Illegal Aliens and Illegal Immigration

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While Biden Administration refuses to secure the border and deport illegal aliens, there is something the state and local governments can do to discourage illegal aliens. First, state and local governments must stop excusing and rewarding all illegal aliens, including minors. State and local governments must stop excusing illegal aliens because they are economic refugees. Poverty should not be an […]

Public notices provide taxpayer information

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Editorial cartoonist Ben Sargent once penned a masterful sketch of a newspaperman — a skinny, bug-eyed fellow in a baggy suit with a press card in the band of his porkpie hat. The unnamed journalist was depicted in the simple act of entering a dark room at city hall and switching on a light. The cartoon had no caption. It […]