Election Day: Helping create peace at the polls

I love getting my “I Voted” sticker on Election Day, after chatting with other voters in line and carefully following poll workers’ instructions for marking my choices. Having worked in many places where voting is a relatively new right, I cherish all of this. Yet this tense year, things in some places may be rather different. A security guard is […]

To Republicans: Don’t Get Distracted

Our republic wasn’t designed for the convenience of a special elite. While we’ve been conditioned to think of it today as a vaguely uplifting political poetry, our Founding Fathers began the U.S. Constitution with three purposeful words: “We the people.” The people are supposed to be in charge, with everyone operating under clearly stated laws equally applied. Similarly, the responsibility […]

Government must plan, organize, direct, and control

To achieve results in doing anything, you must perform four sequential steps: you must first Plan, then Organize, then Direct, and then finally Control the result to make sure everything happens as planned. Any parent running a household does this naturally. Businesses must do this to survive. It should be self-evident that our federal government should also do this. But […]