Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why doesn't the WCN iPhone/Android phone app load?
A. The Wilson County News phone apps no longer work because they were created on the old website platform. The only function that will work in the phone app, is the link to "Website." We hope to bring back a phone app in the future. If you are interested in the phone app or have feedback, please email

Q. How do I get around in the WCN digital edition? I am a subscriber.
A. The middle of the page will load the current digital edition of the Wilson County News. On the right, thumbnails are shown for each page in that edition and the user may scroll down to view each page thumbnail to then click on and go directly to the page in the edition. If you are trying to view a different edition of the Wilson County News, click on "Editions" at the top right of the page next to the yellow home button (house icon) and the different editions will appear as thumbails in the left-hand side of the page. Click on the edition you want to view and it will load in the middle and right positions.

Q. How do I renew my subscription? 
A. If you are renewing your subscription, it works best if you log in first so that the system recognizes your account and can make the proper update. If you haven't logged in before or your login doesn't work, email support@wcn-online or call 830-216-4519 so we can help you set that up.

Q. Where can I find the video I'm looking for?
A. Videos are sometimes produced by Wilson County News, such as for the Floresville Opry, and they are not tied to articles in the Wilson County News. These can be found in the "Video Vault" under "News." Wilson County News also takes videos are various local government meetings to include with articles. These videos are usually included with the article on the website. You can do a search for the entity and find the article covering the meeting to find the video with that article. Most of these types of videos and coverage can be found in "Local News" under "News." Another way to view Wilson County News videos is from our YouTube page at 

Q. Why does the text look messed up at the top of the home page? 
A. If you are viewing the site from a desktop and you find the links at the top of the screen look funny, maybe even scrambled, just extend the width of the window/screen. The website will adjust to a mobile friendly format as the window/screen gets larger or smaller.

Q. Where are all the comments and the recent comments section?
A. Many readers are looking for the section called “Recent Comments” or “Top Picks.” This feature was not moved over to the new format. We ask for patience as we work out the kinks and determine a way to show this activity.

Q. How do I make comments to articles on the website?
A. Readers who were used to logging in to the site will no longer have to do this to post comments to stories. Instead a Facebook account is needed. If you are logged in to Facebook, then your profile picture will show at the end of each story on the site, with the option to post a comment. You may post a comment to only appear on the story on this site, or there is an option to make the comment viewable to other Facebook users. If you don’t use Facebook, we can help you set up a profile to use just for this feature on 

Q. Where do I find things? I'm lost!
A. All of our links can be found in the two menus located at the top of our website. The first row of links provide a quick way to log in, subscribe to email updates, subscribe to the newspaper, submit forms, and learn about us. These links are the access points to the core of the site. The second row of links, located just below our Wilson County News logo, will direct you into the website to read the news, classifieds, check the calendar and meeting agendas, locate advertisers in a sophisticated business directory, learn how to advertise, and peruse our archives.

Q. How do I navigate on the home page?
A. Readers will notice that the site is structured by boxed modules throughout. The first thing you see is a slide show of featured stories. Scroll down on the page and you will see the first several articles in each category module in this order: Breaking News, Local News, Election Coverage, Editorial, Funeral Notices, Obituaries, South Texas Living, Sports and Youth, Agriculture and Outdoors, Blogs, and Video Vault. Click on one of the categories (or select that category from the second-row menu near the top of the page) and you can view all the articles in that category.

Q. How do I access my E-subscription (digital flip book) that I paid for?
A. The Wilson County News digital edition is located at the top right of the page. Click on the Wilson County News page just under "Click here for digital edition." Scroll down through the pages. Click on photos and ads to view them enhanced. You can also scroll through the thumbnail version of the pages on the right to find the page you want to view in the center.


-Burn Ban link was added back in the top menu (12/20/16)
-Dates were added to articles in the search feature  (12/20/16)

Send your questions and feedback to or call 830-216-4519.