2017-11-15 / Editorial

A memorial tribute

I met John Holcombe when he was in the 10th grade. He was in the same grade as my son. John’s grandparents, Joe and Claryce, were two of Christopher’s teachers, and I taught John.

I remember being touched by that young, gentle, cherubic face, that soft Southern drawl, and the manners! Wow! And he was a good student, so conscientious. The next year, though, he wasn’t my student anymore. That was when the Internet was being introduced to Floresville High School. By the time John was a senior, I was becoming a little more tech savvy. I could always ask him computer stuff. So smart! He always had the answer.

In her sophomore year, I had Sarah. She was quite different from her big brother, but she had the smarts, desire to succeed, and she, too, was gentle and kind to all.

It may have been that same year or the next that I got to work with Danny. Cut from the same cloth, smart, witty, and fun to be around. Though I wasn’t his teacher, Mrs. Witten and I were team teaching, and we got to work with the whole sophomore class during Ambassadors of All Nations.

Since these three graduated high school, I have attended church with their families, been a colleague to one, have watched them grow up, go to Ren Faires, get married, and have children. I have adopted kittens from John and Crystal, and my heart was so happy when I first saw them together, with all those little children. I had also taught Peter Hill. And it all made perfect sense to me how God had put these two children of God together.

I had the pleasure of attending women’s conferences with Karla, and what a doll she was the year I was helping with decorations for VBS. Sutherland Springs Baptist Church had used the same theme and materials before us, so they passed on teacher and student books, craft materials, and she even loaned me her personal “hot knife” with which I styled coral reef out of styrofoam sheets.

And Bryan? Well, just attending the First Baptist Church in Floresville for a couple of years, I realized what a totally lovable redhead looked like. There was never any doubt this couple loved the Lord, and loved their families. Even as of late, so excited to show pictures of their grandbabies. My family has the utmost regard for the Holcombes, and we are devastated by the news.

Today, there’s a giant hole in this family and in this community. Each one who left us made a lasting impression on our lives and in our hearts. May God grant you serenity to accept the things you cannot change, the courage to change the things you can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

My heartfelt condolences and prayers for all. We will continue to pray. So for now, we say goodbye to loved ones. But, really, we are just saying “see you later.”

The Alex S. Crank families, Vicki and Greg Root, and Christopher and Jennifer Sauer

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