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Holcombe family reflects on kindness

By JoCheryl Holcombe
Special to the Wilson County News

Photo by Crystal Holcombe, 1981-2017. Used with permission. Photo by Crystal Holcombe, 1981-2017. Used with permission. Members of three generations of the Holcombe family died and two more were injured Nov. 5, when a gunman opened fire on the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs. JoCheryl Holcombe shares what her family has experienced in the wake of this horrific event.

In the wake of this event that has catapulted some of our family to heaven and left the rest of us to carry on here as a part of this beautiful creation, there has been an outpouring of God’s love through friendship, gifts, prayers, and kind acts of a magnitude that is beyond comprehension. How does one even begin to say thank you to each and every precious person in the proper way?

There have been literally thousands of gifts, prayers, and acts of love that have been showered upon us. They continue to pour from those most close to us, from anonymous people we have never met, and even from the other side of the planet! Through the miracle of grace, they have come from people who don’t even realize they have done a kindness.

My parents, Joe and Claryce Holcombe — aka Papa and Grandmama — asked me to write this message of gratitude as a way to make you aware of how much we appreciate all you have done for us. Gifts which will help rebuild and maintain lives in the wake of this sorrow, flowers along the roadside, many acts of kindness, waiting in long lines at the funeral, silent prayers, the beautiful gestures that are more grand than words can express are too numerous to list.

If you will, simply imagine all types of kindness and know that has been extended in the most creative loving ways. Some gifts are huge, yet all are a catalyst that will become huge in the magnification that happens when we all continue to pass every kind act on to another.

Beyond the rebuilding, there is a new creation taking place through these gifts. It is one of service unfolding and continuing. It is our call to do what God does best — redeem, to turn this into something good, which will keep God’s love shining and healing lives.

Something really beautiful has occurred through the tears! A beam of God’s love has shined, just like the sunshine through the rain. And as the light bounces around inside a raindrop or a teardrop, it is separated into bands of color and is made visible to human eyes. It is the Light of God’s Love and God has shined through each of you and made a beautiful spectral display. It is the promise of the rainbow after the rain. It is the promise that we are never forsaken and that new life awaits us all.

I choose not to define this as a tragedy, because it is now an opportunity to make that spectrum ever visible in every act we do. Going forward, let us allow every day of our lives to be one of refracting God’s love into a spectrum of beauty and kindness that the world can see.

This is a call to action. It is the Victory that everyone who Jesus loves can experience and is invited to live.

Keep praying and love wins!

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