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Rep. Hurd and DACA

By Don Kirchoff

Congressman Hurd betrayed every law-abiding citizen in District 23 in a letter he signed on December 5 to Speaker Paul Ryan.

In his letter, Mr. Hurd irresponsibly advocates for continued lawlessness and failed immigration policies that initiated the problem we have with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Mr. Hurd is correct when he states that President Obama lawlessly created the problem. However, there is no justification in Mr. Hurd’s approach, which continues this lawlessness and sets up the conditions for another generation of illegal immigrants to be abused in the same fashion that Mr. Obama has abused the current generation.

If Congressman Hurd truly wanted to serve law-abiding citizens of Texas, then he would be compelled to immediately support President Trump’s efforts to:

-- End the unconstitutional and illegal DACA program

-- Enforce U.S. immigration laws

-- Secure our borders, and

-- Reform our broken legal immigration system that includes the repeal of the Diversity Visa Lottery program.

 Mr. Hurd should learn from the lawlessness that led to the murder of Kate Steinle and the gross miscarriage of justice involving her murder. He should advocate for legislation that protects law abiding citizens and not support a rush to amnesty.


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