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Super charge your advertising


Have you asked us about SEO yet? 

Search Engine Optimization

The Wilson County News offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for print advertisements. SEO for your print ad makes it searchable online to help garner more results on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. SEO enhancement of your print ad includes an Advertiser Profile and places your print ad on the right-hand side of (click here to see example). Plus, we provide metrics for your print ad’s traffic online!

Advertiser Profile

When you sign up for SEO with your print advertising, we give you a landing page, called an Advertiser Profile. Check out this profile for Wilson County News.  Advertisers have the option of logging into our website (let us know so we can assign this privilege) and making changes to the keywords, add photos, links, and provide more description about the business. 


Ask the Wilson County News about promotions throughout the year to provide different ways to connect to community events and capture niche markets.

For more information, call Linda Zidek at 830-216-4519, ext. 33.

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