2018-01-10 / Editorial

Division over perception of country, economy, and Trump


Re: “Remembering 18 years ago: Y2K and other predictions,” Jan. 3

For some time, I’ve wanted to write about something that bothers me. I’m talking about how we see and hear the same things going on in our country today and yet come up with such diverse interpretations.

An example is how some folks feel about our economy/ country. In your editorial you say, “… for the first time in many years, they feel good about the economy and about their country.” But, as you indicate, feeling good about their country could depend on which side of the political spectrum they fall. That is a fact. But, the impression left is that only one of the factions gets it right! The other … well, they just don’t get it.

Nowhere, however, is this divide more evident than in how the people feel toward President Trump. You, as many others, lay the blame for the results on what you consider the mainstream’s (the left) bias against the president. You (and many others) seem to totally exempt the president from any part of the blame and give the impression that all the news coming from mainstream media is tainted and untrue. As a result, people just don’t get the facts.

I agree the mainstream media contributors maintain an unusually steady barrage of information against the president. I would even call it a “full-court press”! But that, in itself, doesn’t mean that the output is not factual or unwarranted. On the other side, we have the continuing need for the president’s supporters to “paper over” or explain the “off the cuff” statements/ actions by the president. I cannot understand why his supporters, often, go through all kinds of contortions to defend the indefensible — poor Sarah Sanders! Sometimes we really have to “dumb down” to do this. We wouldn’t do that even for our children or other loved ones!

Bottom line: How does one defend his extremely low job-performance ratings?

By the way, while I enjoy reading Star Parker, what happened to our “From the Left” column?


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