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Hollywood left rails against people in the real world

About politics and other things
By Elaine Kolodziej

From the Los Angeles Times: “The first ceremony made the Los Angeles Times’ front page under the headline ‘Film- Merit Trophies Awarded.’ Coverage was all of one photograph and two paragraphs.”

From those humble beginnings in 1929, the Academy Awards have become celebrated around the world. Beginning with the first televised broadcast of the Oscars in 1959, the excitement grew, and they were worth watching if only to see the elaborate gowns.

After a few decades, however, some of the shine wore off and the dresses began to be more outlandish than elaborate. Viewership continued for a while to see who, besides Cher, would have the most outlandish costume. After a certain point, even that excitement began to wane.

It was not until the recent politicization of everything Hollywood that the decrease in the viewing audience was felt. While the Oscars still are a big attention-getter, the reports from this year’s event show that the viewership fell 20 percent just from last year’s show.

The report that fascinated me, though, was that there were something like 500 armed security guards at this year’s performance. There were helicopters in the air and guards at every turn. Are these Hollywood types really so important as to require such elaborate security?

While they certainly think they are the most important people on the planet, they actually are grossly overpaid actors who have become mouthpieces for causes about which they know nothing.

Another reason for the decline in the popularity is that we are inundated with awards for all types of entertainment, so that the impact of any one award, even the Oscar, has been diluted. In the real world, people are tired of being lectured by pretenders who love to prance before cameras as they bestow accolades and over-the-top awards upon each other.

We just want them to do the job for which they are grossly overpaid, and leave the politics alone.

It’s the same with the National Football League and its decline in popularity. If we go to a football game, we do not expect to hear what some overpaid professional thinks about race, or guns, or any other political issue.

Let us enjoy the game — or the movie if it is worthy. But Hollywood, the media, and the NFL have not accepted that reality.

As I read the reports of all the security at this year’s Oscars, I thought it ironic, because in their own little paranoid make-believe world, people with guns kill other people.

Hollywood may be surprised to know that there are some 300 million guns out there whose owners are not killing people, and “the folks” in the real world are not focused on celebrities. They are working to provide for their families. They want to be left alone to think for themselves. As Obama so condescendingly said, we conservatives cling to our “guns and religion.”

We are not the ones who protest, demand, burn, destroy, and picket. We live in real-ville.

NRA members, for instance, do not shoot up a crowd of people. When was the last time you read about an NRA member shouting vulgarities in someone’s face or making unreasonable demands?

Yet, the media and the Hollywood crowd currently are fixated on the National Rifle Association, while they overlook the women wearing pink vagina hats and carrying ugly, threatening signs that make unreasonable demands. It is not the conservatives who are acting paranoid.

Just as with the vainglorious and grossly overpaid professional football players, Hollywood has not yet figured out that … WE … DO … NOT … care what they think! We just want them to do their job, whether it be playing a game or making a movie, and keep their opinions to themselves.

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